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Re: Naruto 643

Hopefully this is will be the last post I make of it since eveyrone is tired and, as Senkradlol pointed out, MrBig and TITB pretty much enacted what they said they wanted to avoid.

When you say it didn't work what didn't work?? If you mean you want KYF to shut up then that isn't the same thing I wanted. When I say ignore him I mean ignore him so there won't be a flame war. I'm sure when you ignored him a few pages of flame war didn't happen.
@ bolded: That's precisely why I highlighted the first sentence. Even when I ignored him, KYF started shit because other people would also point out his flaws (plus he talked smack of me when I was ignoring him), thus why it didn't work at all. This leads me to the following point:

Once again, who are you to who's an idiot or a white night? You're not making sense. Your comments are full of "I know who's what on this forum so I get to say it". If I want, I can say you're an idiot, does that make you one? No. It's all a matter of opinions.
Sorry, but how can I not think of you as white knight for KYF if you actively ignore his negative behavior (or worse, pass it onto others) and don't see that the problem is rooted on KYF's court, not everyone else's?

How can I not think of you as an idiot when you clearly have no idea of what happened in this forum but talk as if you actually do, say that you're saying is new despite being old and tired and, more hilariously, say this:

And to reply to your edit: The thanks button is made for a reason. I use it when I feel the post took a load off my back. Thanking every single post of someone and making a "thanks" group is completely different than what I did.
You ARE an idiot for thinking there's a clique just to thank each others posts to conjure a status quo instead of actually thinking for a bit and coming to the conclusion that we have the same reason for thanking each other as you do.

Sorry if my honesty bothers you, but I consider that a much more worthwhile attribute to have than to pretend that everyone has equal intelligence, equal skill of argumentation, equal information, etc. just for nicety's sake.

(And don't even try saying this is a strawman; I'm only saying that you sound very ridiculous using sarcasm)
"Oh, don't say this is a strawman despite it being a strawman!" What a douchebag. What I said is that KYF is just enjoying the wave you two created, but somehow you stretched it to say I think you're dupes of KYF. Of course that is a goddamn strawman, you don't expect me to actually know what the fuck I say?

And KYF's thick headed for defending his opinion on certain things? Hypocrisy again right there. Everything you say about the other person can be said about you when it comes to your posts.
Again, you're turning your eyes away from the truth just to defend poor lil' KYF. When you say Tobi is Shisui despite the manga confirming him being Obito, when you mock people for knowing Einsteinian physics and not following Newtonian physics, when you say someone who recently got his masters in Biochemistry that he doesn't know about genetics, you're not defending your opinion, you're being a thick-headed asshole. But, of course, you don't care about that and just conflate what I do with what KYF does because how dare I defy the poor damsel in distress named KYF?

And sorry, unless you actually have the decency of calling KYF on his shit, you're nothing but a white knight for him, pure and simple.
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