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Re: Naruto 643

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
This stuff used to be more entertaining when we had guys like s_d, veng, vishnu, and sassy posting regularly...

Oh yeah, can't forget about Shrike and ACt.
^I try to get on as much as possible.

Also side note to this bickering back and forth. I quite enjoy the little arguements regarding KYF and Num because its pure entertaining to read about their opinions.

Honestly if you (TobiIsTheBest & KYF) don't like the way the forum is then simply leave with your tail between your legs no one is stopping you. If you wanna bitch and moan about this forum realize it won't change for you. It's different and unique like many other forums out there if you can't handle even this forum then what makes you think you can handle others? Grow some balls.

Everyone has their opinions and beliefs some more passionate about it then others.
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