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Re: Naruto 643

Well, you really couldn't stay quiet for a while, could you, KYF?

You want to know how fucked up most of this forum is...

When I post a theory that uses manga panels as evidence to support it, I get nothing other then complaining and bitching about how impossible the idea is for CERTAIN even though that CANNOT be proven...

However!!! When I make a prediction, which uses the exact same theories except without any panels to support them and as a predictions. They LOVE Them!!!


just proof of the lack of logic/reason being used on this forum...
I shouldn't be surprised by you not knowing the major difference between the two instances, but riddle me this: why do people like Salvador Dali's paintings but would instantly call insane someone who says that reality is like what Salvador Dali painted? If you can answer that, you'll know why the reactions are different.

As for your points:
  1. Tobi says he got his eye on the battle of Kannabi Bridge, where Obito's other eye was the only known thing left of that, you denied that. The manga showed and treated Tobi as Obito, you denied that and said he could still be Shisui. When the manga didn't show any plot threads between the two, you insisted there were. You pretty much gave up when the manga had to spill the entirety of its beans to the point only a demented lunatic would deny that.
  2. Study Einsteinian physics instead of being stuck in Newtonian physics, please.
    1. You don't seem what a theory is in the scientific context. Unlike here where theories are simply hunches, scientific theories are considered the best available explanation for a given phenomenon. And guess what, gravity is capable of pushing (you did mix up pull with push, but not surprised there) if the space-time continuum is bent enough (like in black holes). This was predicted by Einstein and confirmed in the 90's. If you have a better explanation of the observed phenomenon of objects being pushed away when the space-time continuum is bent, I and the scientific community are all ears.
  3. Show me first your degree in Psychology that you implied you had in order to commit libel against others. Because I sure as hell I'm not required to give up my privacy, specially when an idiot who knows shit about genetics disses on my knowledge of the matter.
    1. Suspension of disbelief does not cover the entirety of the manga. Logic and real life phenomena are adequate for discussion since this manga was made by an human in this reality of ours, thus needs a bridge of relation between work and reader, and that's precisely where logic and said phenomena enter.
  4. Speaks the most butturt member of this forum. Really, your attempts of knocking me down a peg are laughable at best. If you don't want me to criticize stupid shit, stop saying stupid shit. If you don't want me to find out the truth about what you really do, don't lie about it. Really, the ball is on your court.
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