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Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Mr Big, I really can't take any more of your strawmen anymore.
The more you say "straw man" the more it become more evident to methat you have no idea what you're talking about.

Opposite of always doubting oneself is to not to never doubt oneself, is to not doubt oneself with frequency because, well, we're humans.
Really do you need a lesson in antonyms? Opposite of ALWAYS is NEVER.
It doesn't take a PhD to understand that yes the opposite of somoene that ALWAYS doubts himself, is someone that NEVER doubts himself. Besides that wasn't the main point which was: That narcissism isn't mutually exclusive to perfectionism, and often found hand in hand.

No, it's with my arguments that I try to prove my points, because, unlike what you say here:
I do not use colorful langauge because I'm emotional, it's because I like to use it. If you actually knew me in person instead of assuming the shit out of what I do, you'd know that I very rarely swear in my mother language (Portuguese) but I swear like a sailor in English. I don't know how it came to be, but that's what happens.
This is again a weak excuse for your behavior. "I actively insult people cause it's what I do". Swearing isn't the problem here. "STUPID" "MORON" "IDIOT" or most variation of those aren't curse words.

Other might do them for the sake of butthurt, but I simply use it for emphasis. I think you'll not steep to the low of saying emphasis is somehow an emotional response just to prove yourself right, will you?
I've never brought up your swearing. The points I've brought up are all about you insulting people for having differing opinions then yours.

"LOL your THEORY doesn't fit the manga timeline, so you must be a MORON"

Like I said to TITB, you are clearly ignorant of what trespassed in this forum and you are telling things about people that they know very well only a person ignorant of the matter would spout it. Do you really think it was always like this? No, I was actually very civil to KYF for quite a few months and even thanked a bunch of his threads. But experience, something you sorely lack to say anything about me, KYF or anyone else for that matter, led to the situation at hand.
You tried it. Now you've found a better solution in feverishly insulting people at every chance. Hows that working out? Has KYF changed or any other person for that matter?

So we, who have the experience of this back and forth, still don't know of a solution that will please everyone and you, who knows NOTHING, think you can simply solved with a solution already tried and failed? Please, don't insult my intelligence.
and like I said, the solution you've chosen to apply now has done nothing but start flame wars.

And I can easily fetch a definition that fits what I said:

Your cherry picking of definitions won't work with me, son. KYF, AW and a few others attempted that shit with me and they never got away with it.
My god, the own definition you've found doesn't even support your use of the term.

How are you discriminating against a person by calling him stupid?
How is calling someone a moron an attack on people who are socially disadvantaged?

Reading comprehension once again,
Yet again you are assuming what I want. I want discussions, sorry if your skin is too thin to handle the tone of it.
If you wanted discussion you wouldn't be insulting people with differing theories of the manga, simply because you find them to be wrong.

First, I know very well what projection means and yes, that's what I meant.
Pathetic. A man that can't accept criticisms. the "it's them not me" mentality.
What a joke. You desperately try to prove to me that you're not a narcissist by making your self out to be a perfectionist (which back fired) and then you turn out and pull this shit.

How can i not think you're narcissist after claiming stuff like this?

This bears repeating, you're not the first nor will you be the last to attempt this kind of bullshit for attention grabbing
Complains about assumptions then turns right back and does it himself.
The worst kind of hypocrite are the ones that don't even realize they're doing it.

Terrible link and more cherry picking. The link you provided misused the word perfectionism when it was talking about types of obsessive behavior. In all truth, both perfectionists and narcissists are obsessive and they deal with the subject of perfection. But the key difference is that perfectionists strive to achieve perfection, narcissists assume they already achieved it.
Hahaha, this is priceless.a PHD professor wrote that article. Yet you truly believe to understand more about psychology then a man that's put in years of his life into his profession and studies.

Amazing. Your ego is something truly to be behold.

More Doctors and articles on the narcissistic perfectionism disorder:

source 1

source 2
source 3
source 4
(but surely they're all wrong, num knows best, he is perfect in all things)
What a joke you've made yourself out to be.

So why didn't you bother KYF when he insulted you far worse than I did? Why didn't you say anything about how completely different is the gravity of both situations.
So childish. "Look at HIM and what HE's DOING!!"
Really a sex in the city reference doesn't do anything for me considering I have no idea what the hell he meant/was talking about.

I pointed out both of you in my original posts, KYF said nothing in reply to me to further the discussion. A sex in the city joke is what I'm suppose to get worked up about?

You didn't bring any valid points, or else people would accept your points.
Claiming my points aren't valid because your friends didn't accept them is such a weak rebuttal. It's laughable even.

I've brought valid points, you haven't denied most of them.
I've refuted most if not all of them. You should READ.

You're not interested in knowing who I am, you're simply interested in the strawman you created just to feed your moral crusade.
Again continuously using the word "Straw man". Almost everything I criticized you with you've rebutted by simply stating "that's who I am" (see the first few quotes in this reply).

You've showed me NOTHING proving you are NOT what I criticize you of.

you ASSUMED things about other people's behavior towards me
Like what exactly? That you continuously attacking/insulting people over manga theories is annoying and most of time unjustified? A few others have agreed with me on those statements . So no, those are not assumptions.

And they are untrue, so why you keep insulting people and don't apologize? Oh yeah, you are already assuming things about people instead of listening to them, my bad for forgetting that.
I would have no troubles apologizing if anything I've said was untrue. The only rebuttal to the points i've made that you came up with was "other people aren't agreeing with you, so they're wrong".

So im waiting for a proper response proving to me, that this is not your character and I was wrong.
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