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Re: Naruto 643

Originally Posted by TobiIsTheBest View Post

You do realize I said that it isn't a strawman because you've been saying everyone's posts had strawmans in them. You just can't seem to understand that you're a stubborn hypocrite. You won't admit your mistakes. You think everything you do is right and it's everyone else that needs help...
Seeing as you and Big have been arguing against points he never actually made as he has repeatedly pointed out, the actual literal definition of a strawman argument, you happen to be wrong here.

I believe you that KYF used to insult you but now I haven't seen KYF insulting you or anyone else with words like idiot or moron unless someone else starts it (even then I don't see much). And since you think you're the master of fallacies you fall into the most common fallacy EVERY SINGLE TIME, ad hominem. The fact that you act like you know what a strawman is yet constantly fall into the same fallacy makes me doubt your knowledge.
Ad Hominem is trying to defame the character/standing of one's arguing opponent in place of actual logical debate. If the arguments being made against KYF were "this theory is wrong because you made it and you're stupid therefore a stupid person made it so it must be wrong," yes. That would be ad hominem. That's also not what people do. Calling him a dipshit while attempting to debunk his premises and theories or, get this, not doing so because holy shit his theories aren't always crack-addled and hair-brained and few really try to deny when he actually does something right (Positive reinforcement and whatnot) is not ad hominem.

Two, holy fuck are you myopic about everything. Like, seriously? "I haven't seen KYF insult you in a long while..." read his first post in this thread you fuck. And don't give me any crap about Numinous starting it with his post considering it contains absolutely no flame at KYF. It's so goddamned obvious that you're choosing to ignore what KYF says solely in order to try and make the claim that everything either one says is automatically unjustified and they need to just shut up and not ever interact. Not exactly sound social advice.

What do you expect me to say to KYF? "Stop your theories"? "Stop the insulting you only did a long time ago"? "Stop being an idiot"? There isn't anything to say considering:

1. He hasn't disagreed with me.
2. His theories are only how he views the manga and I can't just tell him to quit making theories.
Well you're pretty content to say "Stop analyzing other people's statements," "Stop trying to keep facts straight," "Stop attempting to correct absolute falsehoods," and "Stop trying to keep someone from spreading lies about you." So really none of those is terribly "too far" to go.

Already addressed the insulting point.

He hasn't disagreed with you because you aren't remotely criticizing him, dipshit. He hasn't had to defend himself because you haven't even kept up any pretense of fairness in your delusional judgment. All you're doing is attacking Numinous and calling him a big meany head for picking on poor little KYF. That's what white-knighting IS.

Lastly, the thanks button wasn't made to be abused. You ARE making a thanks group and it can't be any more obvious. Every single thread I see the same people thanking the same posts. Don't act as if you all think the same way. Good proof of this was in the thread that kael called KYF an idiot for thinking it's Chinese. You went up to defend kael despite him doing something that you would have called moronic or idiotic. I'd bet all my life that if it was KYF on kaels place you would have made a laughing stock out of him and *you know who you are* would have been thanking everything you wrote. Hypocrisy at its best.
Bullshit. You don't get to arbitrarily decide what the "proper way" to use the thanks function is. You don't get to say "my thanks are justified but yours are just circlejerking." That's hypocrisy. That's holding yourself (I get to thank and receive thanks from whomever I want) to a different standard than everyone else (if you all ever thank each other you're just a bunch of assholes ganging up on people). That's the literal definition of hypocrisy.

Also, you're bringing up that thread? Where Numinous was the first person to fucking correct Kael for saying something wrong. How does that get twisted into "you went up to defend kael". How the fuck are you justifying "I'd bet all my life if it was KYF on(sic) kaels(sic) place you would have made a laughing stock out of him" when he literally posted to correct kael and say KYF was right? How the fuck do you rationalize that?
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