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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Given that your definition is watchable, not also good (which is a fine term for superhero movies because they rely on lore and action more than acting):

Good Will Hunting
Dazed and Confused
Chasing Amy
Sum of All Fears
and hell, he didn't put a dent in Shakespeare in Love.

I haven't seen Argo or The Town, but generally positive vibes around those movies. He also is a decent screenwriter and director. He's bringing a bit more pedigree than some other moops who've played Batman.

Arguably, as well, movies like Daredevil, Reindeer Games and Pearl Harbor were just bad movies that no one could have salvaged.

I'm warming up to Ben Affleck as Batman. I think what sticks with me is just the age. With the relaunch of Superman, I would have preferred a younger Batman, given that it will be a relaunch for him as well - Nolan's effort is done. But, here we are. (Also been reminded of the furor over Michael Keaton cast as Batman. He was basically a romantic comedian known for such hits as Mr Mom. And well, that worked out beautifully.)

And be honest, the most important thing to Batman is the chin. He's got the chin. It is a fine chin.
I completely disagree with you. Robin Williams made Good Will Hunting watchable. Haven't seen Mallrats, Dazed and Confused, nor Chasing Amy (completely all the way through). Dogma, just a terrible movie all around, except for Jay and Silent Bob. And Sum of all Fears, you can pick from the many wise-cracks about that movie and insert it here.

And Batman isn't about the chin. What separates the successful Batmans from the unsuccessful ones is the deep voice for Batman. Keaton, Bale, and Conroy were able to do this. Kilmer and Clooney were not. Do you seriously think that high-pitched, squeaker of voice Alfac has can register at least a full octave lower? Because I don't.
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