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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Am not saying that Ben is a bad actor, obviously am not a fan but i don't hate him either. All am saying is that his a terrible choice.

Probably am being emotional about this and here is why; I didn't like the latest Batman movie series, i did not like anything in those inter 3 movies except for Heath ledger's acting as the Joker, So ever since Bale's were done i was looking forward for a new better Batman and that chance was announced in the new batman & superman movie.

This Superman & Batman cinimatic teamup was long awaited by the entier fandom, And for those who also didn't like Christian Bale as batman..we were hoping for a better Batman choice to play the role and take it to the future next Batman movie series as well. Ben Afleck is in no shape or form to fit that role..

I mean lets be fair, obviously the dark knight is gonna have a more sophisticated role in the upcoming movie other than a manly chin sticking out of a mask or growling like a goddamn mountine gorilla to cover the lack of it. it needs someone with the quality and class to be the multimillionaire smug by day and the goddamn incarnation of manliness and justice by night.

Plus there is going to be alot of (how to put this?) chemistry and interaction between the two poles of DC's superheros, that is the main attraction of the movie..not the usual fight against the villain, it's the Batman/superman relationship. They teamup and work together but they have their differences. They have a mutal relation of respect and mistrust..probably stronger from Batman's side with the mistrust part therefore a toptier acting skills is required here and i simply can not see Ben Afleck fit for that, I've never even seen him play anything even remotely close to how sophisticated this role is and i doubt that he'll pull it off to my heart's content.

To people playing the heath ledger card, i'll say because it worked once doesn't mean at all that it will work every damn time. I have a right to freak here. and just for the record, when this movie turn out to be a disappointment i hope people wont hang it on the directing like they did with the daredevil or for whatever else reason other than Ben Afleck not fitting in a superhero's suit..let alone the goddamn Batman's.
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