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Re: Magi 194

Well that was another sweet chapter can always look forward to reading this manga series.

But onto the topic yeah from the way things have went the last two chapters I have to agree that a timeskip is looking very likely right now. I mean I saw someone mention might be ending god please no there is still so much this series could dive into !

Like for instance the Magi ( Chinese looking girl terrible at names ) from the other world, mother to all the guys blah blah didnt she mention how Djinns that actually came over to this world ? I mean I havent been keeping count of course but that would mean loads of Dungeons still there would love for ALibaba to get one or two more Djinns.

And the Sinbad fight gotta be after the timeskip I wouldnt want him to fight the awesome guy with four Djinns right now after hes used most his Magoi you know ?
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