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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
Now, in a Supes/Batman movie, the interplay between the two matters more than the development of each as, like, semi-realistic actual characters. So at least in this case, the Bruce Wayne doesn't matter as much. But the more they keep the human aspect of the heroes shoved aside for the superhuman, the more you risk making it boring as shit because no one actually gives a fuck about the motivations and such of any of the characters. This is where I think Bale's performance in TDK was lacking as fuck, since Bruce Wayne barely existed. It was all Batman/Joker/Twoface interplay, and Bale wasn't a good Batman. I haven't seen Man of Steel, but the few lines I've heard from Supes' actor were comically badly done.
In regards to the rest of your post, I never thought of it that way; but I agree with you in that Bale was a 100x better Wayne than Batman.

But when you say interplay matters more than the development, I have to disagree for this purpose alone. This is supposed to be the movie that kickstarts JL movie. The WB comes out of this horribly if they have to replace Aflac as Batman. I mean, fans gave Marvel hell for picking Bana and Norton (Norton was a true badass in American History X). They seem to have finally hit a bullseye with Ruffallolo (sp?)... at least the broadside of a barn. But in comparing Batman and the Hulk, you can't say they are equal. The Hulk is not the identity of Marvel. Hell, he's not necessarily a part of the group that people identify Marvel with (many would say that goes to Spidey, Xmen, or Fan 4). But Batman is one of the two characters that everyone identifies DC with.
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