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Re: Naruto 643

Oh, poor MrBig, his reading comprehension really doesn't go much far.

I'll be honest and admit my mistake on the terms part. I tend to assume that certain terms in Portuguese translate as expected in English and sometimes I get duped when I could simply avoid it. In Portuguese, perfectionism and narcissism are distinct terms for obsessive behaviour, while in English they can be used in the same term and I apologize for not informing myself enough.

Now, what you MrBig were either too lazy to read after the google search of both terms or too relunctant to read because you wanted to porve your point in desperation is that most of the links you provided made a distinction between neurotic perfectionism (perfectionism in Portuguese) and narcissistic perfectionism (narcisism in Portuguese). That's why I said YOUR psychology was out of a cereal box, because you're the one knowing nothing of the subject, not the links.

Now look at what I said previously:

If you actually knew me instead of assuming things about me, you'd know that I write as an hobby and that many times I get stuck in writing blocks because I can't figure a way out to my doubts. You can ask anyone here, they know this as happened to me for a few times and that I delayed chapters in the fanfiction thread because of it.
And what one of your links say (because it'd be redundant to quote them all):

Neurotic Perfectionism versus Narcissistic Perfectionism

Jacobson's distinction between shame and guilt and Kohut's distinction between neurotic and narcissistic disorders suggest that a differentiation between two forms of perfectionism would be useful.

Perfectionism in neurosis is a reaction to the demands of a harsh superego acquired as a result of learning and/or as a result of repressed hostility. As such, perfectionism is a defense against intrapsychic conflict (related to feelings of guilt around issues of morals and ideals) and an attempt to retain the love of differentiated objects in the individual's "representational world" (Sandler & Rosenblatt, 1962). The failure to live up to the superego's demands results in lowered self-esteem.

In contrast, perfectionism in the narcissistic personality is less related to morals and ideals. Rather it is an attempt by the individual to live up to a grandiose self-image in order to avoid humiliation and shame and the loss of the admiration of poorly differentiated selfobjects. The function of the perfectionism is to restore or maintain precarious self and object representations and not to defend against intrapsychic conflict (as in neurosis). This can be viewed as a "prestage of the defense" (Stolorow & Lachmann, 1980), i.e., a remnant of a developmental arrest at, or regression to, a stage where a perfectionistic view of self and selfobjects is necessary in order to develop a cohesive and stable sense of self. As such, the disturbance in self-esteem is the cause of the perfectionism and not the price.

The concrete outcome of a perfect performance in the narcissistic personality can be conceptualized as a "transitional selfobject" (Kohut, 1971) which, to paraphrase Atwood and Stolorow (1981, p. 204), gives the individual reassurance that while the sense of self may vanish on a temporary basis, it will not be permanently annihilated. The concrete nature of the performance provides a feeling of conviction and validity to the image of the grandiose self.
And, unlike what you erroneously claimed, I do not feel shame or have narcissistic rage over may failures, I feel guilt for not delivering what I intended and sulk for a while. But of course, that would require you to know me, something you never attempted to do before pointing your finger at dirty old me.
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