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Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Oh, poor MrBig, his reading comprehension really doesn't go much far.

I'll be honest and admit my mistake on the terms part. I tend to assume that certain terms in Portuguese translate as expected in English and sometimes I get duped when I could simply avoid it. In Portuguese, perfectionism and narcissism are distinct terms for obsessive behaviour, while in English they can be used in the same term and I apologize for not informing myself enough.
Oh for god sakes. In a desperate attempt to save face, he claims he was "lost in translation".

Narcissism and perfectionism are psychological medical terms. They translate the same (have the same definition) in German, french, english, and every other language for that matter.

The same way the definition of a brain tumor in English is the same in Portuguese.

The definitions of psychological terms such as narcissism are detailed by an international board made up of thousands of psychologists around the world under the UN umbrella.

If for some reason, Portugal/Brazil don't follow the international definition and guidelines of these terms I would like to see SOURCES, explicitly confirming this. And not some more of your made up claims that you feel are "right" simply because they fit your argument.

That's why I said YOUR psychology was out of a cereal box, because you're the one knowing nothing of the subject, not the links.
the claims I've made were backed up by my sources. The claims you made were backed by thin air. Yet im the one "that knows nothing of the subject".

try again.

And, unlike what you erroneously claimed, I do not feel shame or have narcissistic rage over may failures, I feel guilt for not delivering what I intended and sulk for a while.
in the source you quoted:

In contrast, perfectionism in the narcissistic personality is less related to morals and ideals. Rather it is an attempt by the individual to live up to a grandiose self-image in order to avoid humiliation and shame and the loss of the admiration of poorly differentiated selfobjects.
1. Your constant tirade of insults of people who disagree with you whether its manga or any other argument makes it evident that "morals" is not what you're trying to protect.

2. You reject any criticism and come up with weak excuses to dismiss those that criticize you. ("you don't have a seniority here!" or better yet "you're a white knight!!")

Shit you've even tried to spin this argument in claiming I was projecting problems on to you. You're desperate attempts to twist crtisim as not a fault of your character but you're opponent is a clear sign of narcissm per the definition.

3. Avoiding the humiliation and shame of being completely incorrect by the definition of psychological terms you come up with a bullshit "lost in translation" excuse to save face. (which again back fired).

But of course, that would require you to know me, something you never attempted to do before pointing your finger at dirty old me.
I've said this multiple times, and I'll say it again. You've said nothing in any of the replies to me to unjustify anything I've accused you of.

You claim "I didn't attempt to know you". Well what do you think I've been doing this entire argument. How you've treated me, and others that weren't in agreement with you, is how I feel, a great way to understand who you are.

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