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Re: Naruto 643

Originally Posted by MrBIG View Post
I've said this multiple times, and I'll say it again. You've said nothing in any of the replies to me to unjustify anything I've accused you of.
Well, this the core of what is wrong with your whole argumentation: you already formed the conclusion before gathering all of the information, thus you'll ignore the information that contradicts your conclusion or, worse, twist it in order to feed your conclusion.

You seem to operate under the misguided notion that all criticism must be accepted as true, that I should simply abide to your words no matter their degree of accuracy. But criticism requires validity in order to be accepted and, well, you lacked validity from the get go, much less now, that you have become the very thing you were criticizing: someone who is constantly bickering and flaming in various walls of text with nothing of substance to say.

I'm already used to your attitude of "guilty until proven innocent", decreeing morals and expecting people to blindly follow them. After all, being an atheist in a catholic majority led to various situations where I had to defend myself from misguided or even gruesome critics, as I'm doing now, but considering you're already under the assumption that I'm a narcissist, of course you'll exaggerate my defense to ridiculous levels.

But, like I said, I'm used to moral dogs like you, so I'll reiterate a previous point: like a random priest has no relevancy to me to dictate whether I'll be destined to eternal bliss or endless torment, you have no relevancy to say what I can or can't do. I know you went like an illiterate buffoon saying that what I said about relevancy was somehow a sign of my inflated ego (which is hilariously erroneous), but things like relevancy, dignity, comradery and other traits lead to the mos vital trait that someone who wants people to follow their advice requires: respect. You simply jumping in to start a flame war earned no respect for you, so I'm not obliged to follow any of your words (specially being misguided as they are).

Earn my respect, like Mal, Miburo, ACt, kael, AOTK, platinumrug, Dagoro, Vengeance, j_H, emachina, AMA, SD and others did, and I will consider any advice you want to give me. Being obnoxiously aggressive towards me (and, even worse, being an hypocrite on both becoming the thing you criticize and pretending to be chastising both me and KYF and simply ignore the shit KYF says and only targeting me) sure as hell isn't the way to earn said respect.

Just to comment on a specific part of your post, kudos on knowing that Brazilians speak Portuguese (because I can't say the same for some forum goers here), but major failure on not knowing that many terms do slightly change between languages and even in the same language, like "hormone" [hormona (f) in Portugal, hormônio (m) in Brazil], "cancer" (cancro in Portugal, câncer in Brazil), "AIDS" (SIDA in Portugal, AIDS in Brazil) or "DNA" (ADN in Portugal, DNA in Brazil). If there isn't an international convention that constricts the terms (like SI measures or chemical symbols), terms can suffer some variation.

But, really, I'm just tired of putting up with this shit (like everyone else, like they already expressed) and, considering Shounen Jump chapters are most probably coming tomorrow, I'll do the practical thing and ignore both you and TITB, because you both have nothing of worth to say outside of constant flaming just because you want to be right for the sake of being right (not knowledge or decency) and it'd be excruciating to pass another week like this. So yeah, bye bye.

PS: You can do your little cheer of "Durr, he gave up, I won, derp!" like you're dying to do. Can't say I'm not merciful.

So, who wants to discuss Naruto like we were doing before?
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