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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

Originally Posted by stubborn_d0nkey View Post
I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt but it's quite confusing. If I didn't say that Minato did not perform the mixing, then why would you agree with me that it wasn't Minato that did the mixing?
the manga says so lol....Naruto performed the mixing....I said Minato a gentleman and a civil person I agreed because I was incorrect. More importantly this was all based off my statement that Minato did it... Naruto was the catalyst of the jutsu since he already was connected with everyone in the shinobi alliance.

I gave you the the credit for pointing out to me that it wasn't Minato but Naruto...though you SAID THAT MINATO DID NOT MIX HIS CHAKRA WITH KURAMA AND NARUTO...that is how you said it....

there is nothing to debate over..their chakras were mixed with Minato's....
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