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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

When I read the panel with sasuke basically saying: "if this dosent work I'm taking you (jugo)and naruto and getting the fuck outta here" I LOL'd. Sasuke is like "ok this wR is over naruto and bee? Ok fuck bee. The kage are dead anyways (edos) so if all else fails ill make sure me, naruto...and you Jugo (since your RIGHT here) get out of here...I'm not worried about anyone else. Think about it it'll be VERY hard if not impossible for sasuke to solo obito he'll need the second strongest living person with him to help if he's going to finish this and become hokoge... Just how I saw it. No gayness (lol) there

Also hes seen naruto pull shit out of his ass before so when narutos like "I got a plan" sasuke ( being sasuke) knows how he'll save himself but if naruto can save everyone and he's confident then shit...naruto what do you need me to do? *thinking* this better work too. That's why Jugo was like yo sasuke let's get out of here by using x,y & z. Sasukes like I kno that dumb ass just wait a sec and see wht this narutos going to do.

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