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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post

We are talking about Kishi here. In regards to the Hashi comment, I see it in several ways.

1. Hashi has mastered Senjutsu. So because of this, how much is his actual chakra level and how much is NE? That being said, the totality is the same between him and Naruto.
I think he's just talking about his Base chakra. You got to remember Hashirama did this with ease using just his chakra. He's breaking a solid stone building for crying out loud. I have never seen Naruto come close to doing anything like that with just his chakra "pressure" (not really sure what else to call it). Not even in Sage mode. Only thing close would be near the end of the VoTe fight when he's 2 tails mode, but even that isn't close.

2. Naruto surpassed Minato in adding an elemental affinity to the rasengan. Kakashi stated that Naruto surpassed himself. edo-Minato shows up glowing, shatting all over the notion that Naruto had surpassed him (as well as a f'n huge plot-hole). So Hashi saying this is showing that Naruto is close to surpassing him, .
To be fair, Naruto just figured out a bootleg way of doing it with clones. Same with his sage mode. It's not that people couldn't actually do it. They just didn't think up the method. All of the hokages have shown that they can use shadow clones with ease in just this battle. I'm sure if Minato had thought about using clones, he could have mastered elemental Rasengans given enough time.

because we all know this isn't the last power for Naruto

Naruto will get the other half of the kyuubi permanently. That's a given. If Minato had any sense he'd realize how useless he is and do the transfer now. Also Kyuubi+Sage Mode Combo is coming soon, followed by a 9999-hit rasegan variations combo attack of some kind to finish the Juubi off.

I would bet my own testicles that I know the exact premise of how the Kyuubi+Sage Combo will come about. Naruto will be all like "My sage attacks aren't really doing any real damage to Obitard.", and somebody (probably Hachibi/Bee) will be all like "Hey why don't you use combine the Kyuubi's into each hit.". *BOOM* *POW* *BANG*....oh wow, that actually worked, but I'm too dumb to explain how. know...BELIEVE IT!!!

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