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Re: One piece 719

Originally Posted by icedraon620 View Post
Yeah its Bellamy. I know it's his assignment to slay Luffy but do you think he'll protect Luffy or at least stop the others from attacking him?
Yeah that is what I meant when I said Bellamy will help Luffy while Burgess,Cavendish and Bart attempt to strike at luffy. Bellamy respects Luffy and has put aside his hate for him. Luffy was cheering dude on so he def will aide him and throw away any chance at making it within Dofla's crew. Diamante will most likely make his entrance and strike Bellamy as he turned traitor.

If Don lives through this skirmish and embarrassing defeat...he should actually thank Luffy. Garps grandson just gave him his signature move back and with that the ability to access his extreme wealth.

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