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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


*Panel shows Itachi parrying Kabuto’s attack with his sword. Sasuke stares at both Kabuto and Itachi.*
Kabuto: ku ku ku kuk… So what does Itachi have planned for me?
Itachi: The end of your edo tensai.
*Kabuto liquefies himself, trying to get closer to Sasuke.*
Sasuke: Big mistake!
*Sasuke uses Chidori Nagashi on Kabuto, suspending him in his liquid state. All of a sudden, another Kabuto clone appears to the left of Sasuke, throwing a straight punch, sending Sasuke flying. The Kabuto clone disperses, and Kabuto goes out of his liquid state.*
Kabuto: Can’t make that mistake again.
*Itachi swings his sword diagonally at Kabuto, with Kabuto dodging at the last minute.*
Kabuto: I haven’t forgotten about you.
Itachi: IZANAMI!!!!
*Panel shows Kabuto and Itachi frozen staring at each other. The next panel shows Sasuke pulling himself up from Kabuto’s punch. Sasuke walks over to Itachi, waving his hand infront of their faces to get a reaction.*
Sasuke: What tha…..
Itachi: Do not worry little brother.
*Sasuke looks into Itachi’s eyes, with Itachi immediately capturing Sasuke in Tsukuyomi.*
Itachi: I have to do this while I have what little time I do have, Sasuke. What questions do you have?
*Scene switches to the Kages battling Madara*
Madara: Hmmph…
*Madara smirks and then reverts his eyes back to EMS.*
Madara yells: Izanami!!!!
*All the Kages look at Madara’s direction as there is now a cloud of smoke. As the smoke clears, Madara walks through the remaining smoke.*
Gaara: It can’t be.
Ei: What?!?
Oonoki: Impossible….
Tsunade: I had only heard fairy tales about Izanami and Izanagi.
Mei: Look at his eyes.
*Madara is shown completely revived. Scene switches back to Itachi and Sasuke in Tsukuyomi.*
Sasuke: So that’s why you did it?
Itachi: Yes.
Sasuke: And he helped you?
*Itachi nods yes.*
Sasuke: Then tell me one more thing.
*Itachi looks at Sasuke intently.*
Sasuke: Would you do it again?
Itachi: Yes.
Sasuke: That’s all I needed to know.
*Sasuke goes EMS mode and breaks Tsukuyomi. Itachi starts to wither away. The next few panels show the edos withering away.*
Itachi: Good bye, brother.
*As Itachi disappears, Sasuke flickers out of the cave, heading back to his destination. The next panel shows Kabuto, with his board and Anko on the ground.*
Kabuto: That’s how you kill two birds with one stone.

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