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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


*Scene shows Madara looking down at the 5 Kages.*
Madara: I grow weary of your pathetic existence. It seems my attention is needed elsewhere.

*Madara makes a handsign, and then a puff of smoke is all that is left. The 5 Kages jump to where Madara was and look at each other.*
Ei: Son-of-a-bitch….
Oonoki: We’d better use this time wisely and regroup.
Gaara: Aye, but what about Naruto and Bee?
Tsunade: We had all reinforcements head to that direction.
Oonoki: But Madara had a purpose in leaving us. Maybe it has to do with Naruto and Bee.
Ei: It’s settled. Kazekage, Tsuchikage, can you carry them?
*Ei nods over to Mei and Tsunade, with both Gaara and Oonoki nodding approval*
Ei: Good, I’ll go ahead of you.
*Ei charges up his raiton armour and flashes out of the scene, as Oonoki takes Tsunade, while Gaara gets Mei. Scene changes to a forest with Suigetsu and Juugo walking down a path.*
Juugo: So what’s on that scroll?
Suigetsu: A lot of stuff. It’s like the damn man knew everything would play out like this?
Juugo: Wha….
Suigetsu: Orochimaru is still alive… sort of.
*Scene switches to Amegakure, with Kabuto pulling Anko’s body along a path to a small shack.*
Kabuto: Jiraya-sama… who’da thunk? kukukuku….
*Kabuto drags Anko’s body into the shack. Next panel switches back to Suigetsu and Juugo.*
Juugo: You mean….
Suigetsu: Yup. He knew Sasuke would betray him. He knew Sasuke would come after us. He knew he would join Akatsuki. The bastard knew all of this and then some.
Juugo: So how is he alive?
Suigetsu: Kabuto… and I know where he is.
Juugo: Are you going to tell Sasuke?
Suigetsu: Maybe…
*Scene switches to Tobi, Naruto, and Bee.*
Tobi: To think, this brat has pushed me this far.
*Panel focuses on Naruto panting.*
Naruto: Ok…. *Naruto takes a deep breath*
Naruto: Get ready.
*Naruto looks up with sage eyes. He flickers to Tobi and tries a roundhouse kick that just phases through Tobi. As the roundhouse kick is about end, he follows through with a swinging backfist that phases through Tobi as well.*
Tobi: Tenshou Banin.
*Naruto is pushed back. Tobi moves his head to the right a little, and small projectile misses its mark.*
Bee: Damn, and that was my favorite pencil, too.
*Tobi does a handsign and Gedo Mazo rises up and gets in a fighting stance.*
Tobi: It’s time you’ve seen some of my power, Demonic Barrage.
*Gedo Mazo starts puching its fists alternating at Bee, with each punch releasing a burst of energy that is starting to reign down on Bee. Bee tries to dodge the attack, and is successful until it seems the last one is about to hit its mark.*
Kakashi: Kamui!!!
*The last burst disappears with Kakashi’s jutsu. Kakashi falls to a knee.*
Kakashi: Sorry I couldn’t be of service earlier, Bee-dono.
*Bee flickers over to Kakashi and Gai.*
Bee: It’s all good in the hood. But we need to be ready for round 2.
*Gedo Mazo leaps in the air crashes down attempting a double hammer fist on the trio. Bee flickers out carrying both Kakashi and Gai.*
Bee: Now we even.
*Scene focuses back on Tobi and Naruto. We see clone after clone after clone, going at Tobi with rasengans that are just phasing through Tobi.*
Naruto in thought: I know I can’t beat him this way, but it will buy us some time for Kakashi sensei to come up with a plan.
Kurama: You can’t come up with anything, what an idiot.
Naruto: Cut me some slack here.
*Kurama gets a shocked expression on his face*
Kurama: It can’t be.
*Scene switches back to Tobi.*
Tobi: This is going to be fun.
*The scene shows a panoramic view of the battlefield around Naruto. We see Madara walking up behind him, with Tobi in front of him.*
Tobi and Madara: Shinra Tensai!!!!!
*Both jutsus are used at the same time on Naruto, causing him to be squashed from the front and back. Meanwhile Gedo Mazo is trying to stomp on Bee, Kakashi, and Gai.*
Bee: We are royally fucked here man!
*Naruto grimaces in pain as the two forces almost crush him, and then there is burst of bright light, blinding everyone. Gedo Mazo even stops shielding its eyes from the energy. Then a bolt of lightning is seen striking Gedo Mazo in one eye.*
Ei: I can’t even leave you alone for a little while.
Bee: Oh shit! He’s pissed.
*With the eye being shattered, Shukaku starts to take form on the battlefield. As the brightness begins to die down, we see Naruto in Kurama stage 1.*
Kurama: Sorry, but this all I have left after those two jutsus.
Naruto: It’s more than enough.
*Kurama smiles. Scene focuses back on Madara, Tobi, and Naruto.*
Madara: So this is the kyuubi brat.

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