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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


*Shukaku roars at the three (Naruto, Tobi, and Madara). Meanwhile, Bee and Ei are getting Kakashi and Gai away from the field. We then see the beginning of the reinforcements gathering in the location.*
Ei: You…. *Ei points to Ino.* Do you know any medical ninjutsu?
Ino: Aye.
Ei: Then tend to these two. *Ei points to Kakashi and Gai.*
Unknown: Kakashi-sensei…
*Sakura lands next to Kakashi.*
Sakura: I’ll tend to Kakashi-sensei, you take care of Gai-sensei. Where’s Naruto?
Kakashi: Fighting both Madaras.
*Hinata comes in at the mention of this.*
Hinata: Naruto-kun. To think you’ve come this far.
Rock Lee: He’s not alone.
Bee: You have no idea bushy brows.
Ei: Who here is fast?
*Rock Lee raises his hand. Ei points at Shikamaru.*
Ei: You’re Shikaku’s boy. Come up with a strategy for us three while we try to deal with that thing. *Ei points to Gedo Mazo with his thumb over his shoulder.*
Shikamaru: Aye sir.
*Scene focuses back on Madara and Tobi*
Madara: Give it to me.
Tobi: As you wish.
*Tobi tosses Madara his legendary fan. Madara catches it, suddenly make a grand fireball jutsu. He swings the fan to increase the jutsus power and range, sending it towards Naruto.*
Unknown: Suiton-Great Waterfall jutsu.
*Scene focuses on Mei and she aims her waterfall at the fireball, extinguishing it.*
Madara: You little flies!!!
*Madara swings his fan, and the wave of wind hits Oonoki and Gaara, knocking them of balance, causing them to fall to the ground. All of sudden we see a puff of smoke, and then Katsuya, with the four remaining Kages standing on her.*
Madara: That should stop them for a while now.
Tobi: Don’t forget about him.
Madara: I’ll take care of him right here.
*Madara turns back to Naruto, seeing that he is holding a huge fuuton rasenshuriken in his hand. Madara grimaces.*
Madara: You cannot beat me boy!
Naruto: We’ll see about that.
*Naruto throws the FRS at Madara. As the jutsu reaches Madara, he swings his fan, which delays the FRS from expanding for a moment. Tobi rushes in and phases Madara out with him. Once the crater is clear of all dust and smoke, Naruto is looking for both of them. Scene switches to Ei, Bee, and Lee.*
Ei: Can you handle this by yourself for a little while, bushy brows.
Lee: Aye.
Ei: Let’s go Bee. Let’s end it here.
*Bee and Ei flicker out. Scene changes back to Naruto looking for Tobi and Madara. Naruto gets shocked look on his face, and the scene changes to Naruto’s mind.*
Madara: Unbelievable. Hello…. my pet.
Kurama: I am no longer your pet.
Madara: Yes, you are.
*Scene switches back to Shukaku running amock on the battlefield, shooting energy blasts in every direction.*
Oonoki: What should we do?
Gaara: Let me handle this. Protect our troops.
*Gaara stands on a sand discuss, and floats over to Shukaku. Shukaku calms down and stares at Gaara. Scene switches to Gaara’s mind.*
Gaara: Hello Shukaku.
Shukaku: Hmmph.
Gaara: I cannot let you hurt anyone.
Shukaku: You’ll never control me. I’ll never be used by your village again.
Gaara: You are right. But I can’t let you harm anyone.
*Scene shows the two on the battlefield.*
Shukaku: Then you’ll have to finish me first! Fuuton Bombardment!
*Shukaku shoots several wind bombs at Gaara. Gaara uses his sand to block the bombs, but the explosions are blowing holes in his defense.*
Shukaku: Ever since he left, everyone has tried to control me. No longer, now that I am free.
*Shukaku whips his tail at Gaara, knocking him off balance. As Gaara is trying to regain his composure, Shukaku tries to pounce on Gaara. Scene switches back to Naruto’s mind.*
Madara: Now you’re mine.
*Madara switches to his ems. He then has a shocked expression on his face.*
Madara: How can this be?
*Scene shows Kurama being protected by what was thought to be the rikudo cage that locked Kurama in.*
Madara: Who would know about this!?! Who would know how to keep him from me?
Naruto: My parents. *Naruto walks into the fray.*
Naruto: Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzamaki!
*Madara grimaces.*
Madara: This is not over yet kyuubi brat!
*Madara vanishes out of Naruto’s mind. Scene switches back to Shukaku and Gaara, as Gaara is pinned down by Shukaku. Gaara is using his ultimate defense, while Shukaku keeps trying to blast through with fuuton blasts.*
Shukaku: You are finished, Gaara!
*Gaara summons all the sand on the battlefield to his location, encasing Shukaku’s two rear legs and tail.*
Gaara: Sand Coffin!!!!
*Shukaku yelps loudly, and then continues to roar. Gaara crawls out from under Shukaku, and flies back up to Shukaku’s level on his discuss.*
Shukaku: You bastard.
Gaara: I don’t want to fight you, but I will not let you harm my comrades.
*Scene switches back to Tobi and Madara in the forest.*
Tobi: So….
Madara: Somehow he is blocked from me.
Tobi: Not to worry Madara-sama, I have a substitute for the juubi.
Madara: What about him?
*Madara points to Shukaku.*
Tobi: No, but we can get him back easily.
*Tobi walks right up to Madara.*
Madara: I grow impatient….
*All of a sudden, both Ei and Bee are attempting their double lariat on Madara. But Tobi phased him out just as the jutsu was about to connect. Tobi and Madara disappear from the area.*

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