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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Regrouping Part 2

*The scene shows Suigetsu and Juugo walking through the forest.*
Juugo: So what are we going to do now?
Suigetsu: Find Sasuke.
Juugo: Are you sure about that?
Suigetsu: Yes. There was a reason that Orochimaru gave up on Itachi Uchiha and went after Sasuke.
Juugo: Why did he do that?
Suigetsu: Because he knew about the Uchiha massacre. Sasuke has been bred to become what he is today.
*Juugo has a questioned look on his face.*
Suigetsu: The Uchiha massacre was orchestrated before Sasuke was born.
Juugo: That’s sad.
Suigetsu: And Madara isn’t Madara.
*Juugo looks to his right as a bird flies up to him and lands on his hand. The bird chirps to Juugo.*
Juugo: Go on and come out! I know you are there.
*Slowly a shadowy figure walks from behind a bush. Juugo smiles once he sees red hair.*
Juugo: Karin!
Suigetsu sighs: Karin.
*Juugo rushes to Karin and gives her hug, smothering her abit.*
Karin: Juugo…. you’re crushing me.
Juugo: Sorry.
Suigetsu: Are you not with Sasuke?
Karin: No. Sasuke left me.
*Flashback scene to when Sasuke killed Danzo sending a Chidori Nagashi through Karin.*
Karin: Mind if I tag along?
Juugo: Sure.
Karin: So…. Suigetsu…. what’s this about the Uchiha massacre?
*Scene changes to laboratory with Tobi and Madara.*
Madara: Don’t you think it is time you lost that mask?
Tobi: This mask is more than just show.
Madara: Is that so…nephew?
Tobi: Aye… uncle.
Madara: He would be proud of you, and what you’ve done.
Tobi: Father…. hmmph. I should go check on my candidate.
Madara in thought: To think Izuna, your son would make our dream possible.
*Flashback scene to Madara and Izuna.*
Izuna: But brother, going against the elders…. is that a good decision? We’re talking about our brethren.
Madara: Does living matter when you live like dogs?
Izuna: To them, yes. To us, no. The two of us cannot take on the Senju, Hyuuga, Nara, Yamanaka, and Akimichi clans. They would survive until the Uzamaki arrived, and then we would be finished.
Madara: I realize you have a son to think about.
*Izuna looks down.*
Madara: Just so you know, I will not act rashly and bring any backlash on Kagame.
*Scene skips to a small bit in the future.*
Izuna: I know you grow tired everyday brother. I’m getting to my wits’ end as well. It’s just the two of us….
Madara: There is a way. Each day that passes…. can you still see his face?
Izuna: Barely.
Madara: Something must be done, even if our clan has to be a part of it.
Izuna: I want him to be able to read the tablet like we have.
*Another scene skip.*
Madara: It is time brother. It is time we realized our destinies.
Izuna with much doubt on his face: Will you keep your promise?
Madara yells: I am Uchiha Madara! How dare you question me?
Izuna: And I am Uchiha Izuna! If I am going to make this sacrifice, I want to make sure it will not be in vain.
Madara: Know your place Izuna.
*Before Madara goes completely blind, he lunges at Izuna taking his eyes. Scene focuses on Madara and his EMS. Scene skips again to the future, showing Madara and Kagame as a pre-teen.*
Madara: Kagame.
Kagame: Yes uncle?
Madara: We need to talk.
*The two enter into Madara’s tent.*
Madara: I have a gift for you, but you must promise not to tell anyone about it.
Kagame excited: What is it Uncle?
Madara: When you have eyes like your father and myself had, go to the tablet. Your gift is there waiting for you.
Kagame: When will that happen, uncle?
Madara: I don’t know. And I won’t be here when that does happen.
*Kagame has a puzzled look on his face. Madara hands him a book.*
Madara: This will explain your father’s wishes. Tonight everything is set in motion.
*Madara puts on his battle armour.*

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