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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Surpassed Part 1

*Scene shows Naruto walking out of the conference room being followed by Shikamaru.*
Shikamaru: Naruto…. wait up.
*Naruto turns and looks around at Shikamaru and sees everyone else coming out towards him.*
Naruto smiling: Yeah, what’s up?
Shikamaru: You ok?
Naruto: Yeah… I’ve let that go.
Shikamaru: Then tell me….
Naruto: About what?
Shikamaru: Your plan.
*The rest of the Konoha 12 has surrounded Shikamaru and Naruto now.*
Naruto smiles: It’s time for some training.
Hinata: May I train with you Naruto-kun?
Naruto looks at Hinata: Hinata….. *Naruto sees the look on her face.* Sure.
Sai steps forward: Maybe we should all train with you.
Kiba: Yeah, we may not be at your level, but I want to do my damnedest to get there.
*The Konoha 12 walk off to a field. Scene switches to KillerBee sitting on a branch watching the younger generation train. Ei flickers in to sit by his brother.*
Bee: What’s goin’ on?
Ei: I wanted to see this boy train myself.
Bee: Me, too.
Ei: So who’s going to help him?
Bee: Them…. and him.
*Scene shows Kurama talking to Naruto about some of his newfound abilities.*
Kurama: Now that we have merged, you will have enormous healing abilities, with no drawbacks. All you have to do is think about it.
Naruto: Awwessssoooommmmmeeee!
*Naruto punches his fist in the air.*
Naruto: So I can heal others as well?
Kurama: Yes.
*Scene focuses back on Naruto and Kiba who are sparring.*
Kiba: Don’t hold back on me, Naruto.
Naruto: I kinda have to.
*Kiba tries his Beast Mimicry, Fang Over Fang jutsu. Naruto catches both Kiba and Akamaru and tosses them in the air like they are rag dolls. Once Kiba and Akamaru fall to the ground Neji and Hinata walk over to the trio.*
Neji: We should leave Naruto alone, he can’t train properly with us.
*Naruto looks Hinata.*
Hinata: We’ll leave you alone so you can train with him.
Naruto dumbfounded: huh….
Hinata: I can tell the kyuubi wants to work with you by reading your chakra. It’s different. I would say its disturbed, but seeing how the two of you work together now, this might be your chakra in harmony with his.
Kurama to Naruto: She’s good.
*Hinata walks up to Naruto, gets on her tiptoes, and kisses Naruto on the cheek.*
Hinata: Just make sure you don’t overdo it.
*Scene switches to Bee and Ei as Hinata walks away from Naruto.*
Bee: My man is gettin’ some action.
Ei laughing: Oh that takes me back.
*Scene switches back to the field, showing Naruto walking over to Shikamaru.*
Naruto: Mind if I join you for a bit?
Shikamaru: Sure… what’s on your mind?
Naruto: This isn’t going to be normal training for me anymore.
Shikamaru: Yeah, I figured it would come to this. What… do you know… as far as your capabilities?
*Naruto sits by Shikamaru.*
Naruto: Well, now I can heal myself and others.
Shikamaru: That’s a huge advantage.
Naruto: I can also replenish others’ chakra as long as it doesn’t get rid of my own.
Shikamaru: Hmmm… shouts: Lee…. Neji…. come here real quick.
*Neji and Lee appear before Shikamaru.*
Shikamaru: I know how we can help Naruto train.
*Neji smiles while Lee does his traditional thumbs up.*
Shikamaru: I need you two to spar, going all out, but not killing one another.
*Neji and Lee look at each other.*
Lee: So which gate?
Neji: How far have you gone?
Lee: The fifth gate.
Shikamaru: Do it.
*Lee immediately goes to the fifth gate, while Neji enters a battle stance. As the two begin to spar, a crowd begins to join Bee and Ei. Last to join the group are Tsunade, Kakashi, and Gai.*
Gai looking out at Neji and Lee: What the…. wait a minute.
*Gai begins running towards them, only to be stopped by Bee and Ei.*
Gai: But those are my students.
Bee: And Naruto’s comrades. They’re helping him.
Kakashi: I get it.
*Gai has a dumbfounded look.*
Kakashi: He’s trying to master that already.
*Neji and Lee fall over from their sparring. Naruto gets up and walks to Neji, picking him up and carrying him over to Lee. As he lays down Neji, he kneels between the two, holding his hand over their chests. Naruto enters full Kurama mode*
Kurama: Now concentrate. You gave Kakashi just enough chakra so he wouldn’t die. This time you’re trying to heal them and give them chakra. Too much could be bad for both you and them.
Naruto: How so?
Kurama: Our chakras have melded together. They tolerate each other. My chakra is too much for them.
*Naruto begins to sweat because he is concentrating so much. Everyone is surrounding him now. Neji is the first to open his eyes.*
Neji whispers: I’m ok now Naruto.
*Naruto pulls that hand away from Neji and concentrates solely on Lee.*
Ei: Why is it taking so long for him?
Gai: Because he opened 5 of the 8 inner gates.
Ei: You Konoha shinobi… no wonder….
*Naruto is still trying to heal Lee. Lee grabs Naruto’s arm.*
Lee: I’m fine Naruto.
*Naruto stops and stands up. It takes Lee a while to get up.*
Gai: Lee?!
Lee: Gai-sensei…. I’m fine. I’ll just need some rest to recuperate my lost chakra.
Gai: Neji?!
Neji: I’m fine as well…. but I don’t need rest. I’m good to go, and then some.
Kakashi: Not quite there, but close. The fact that Lee was in the fifth gate for over 15 minutes… and just two minutes later, is walking around… *Kakashi gives Naruto a thumbs up.* Good job!
*Naruto disperses Kurama mode.*
Kurama: We need to rebuild our chakra as well. Plus there is more training to be done.
*Tsunade and Sakura walk up to Naruto.*
Sakura: You’ve gotten better than me.
Tsunade in thought: And me.
Naruto: I had some help.
Sakura: I’m really glad you’re ok… and you’re here… with us.
Naruto staring at Hinata: Me, too.
*Sakura looks over at Hinata.*
Sakura: You don’t….
Naruto: I will…. or I’ll die trying… that’s my nindo.
Sakura: But what about her? *nodding to Hinata.*
Shikamaru buts in: We’ve tried things our way, and it hasn’t worked. Let’s try it his way. You have our support Naruto.
*Hinata walks up to Naruto and takes his hand in both of hers.*
Hinata: And mine!
Kakashi: Obito, you would be proud!

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