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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Surpassing Part 2

*Scene shows the sun rising on Kumagakure. Panel focuses on Naruto propped up against a tree, with Hinata in his lap. Naruto stretches as he wakes up and yawns. Hinata looks up at Naruto.*
Hinata: Good morning Naruto-kun.
Naruto smiling: Good morning Hinata.
*Neji walks up behind the tree.*
Neji: Your father wouldn’t approve of this Hinata.
*Hinata looks at Neji with a worried face.*
Neji: I won’t tell him under one condition.
*Hinata and Naruto look at Neji.*
Neji: You have to promise you’ll be there for her, Naruto. As I know she will be there for you.
Naruto: You got it.
Kurama to Naruto: You haven’t gotten this much action since your little tryst with Sasuke.
Naruto: Shadddyuuppp!!! *Naruto raising his fist at Kurama.*
Kurama: There are two techniques you need to learn…. your father’s jutsus.
Naruto staring at Kurama: Which two? I’ve already mastered the Rasengan and have taken it further.
Kurama: Yes, but you need to master the Flying Thunder God and the Death God.
Naruto: Aye…. that jutsu… I’ve already tried it, remember? We almost killed Jiraya-sama.
Kurama: You didn’t have what you needed then. You can get it now.
Naruto: How so…
Kurama: You need to talk to the Hokage… and leave for Konoha.
*Scene switches back to Hinata, Neji, and Naruto under the tree. Shikamaru has joined them now.*
Naruto: Where is Granny Tsunade?
Shikamaru: At HQ, why?
Naruto: I need to talk to her.
*Scene switches to HQ, showing all of the Kages at a table, joined by numerous Konoha jounin. Naruto busts through the doors with Hinata, Neji, and Shikamaru in tow.*
Naruto: Granny Tsunade…. *Naruto realizing who’s in the room.* What’s going on…
Tsunade: Uzamaki Naruto…. front and center.
*Naruto stands before the table and crowd. Shizune, Kakashi, and the rest of the Konoha 12 enter the room.*
Tsunade: Based on evidence provided and the circumstances we are facing… *Tsunade looks Naruto square in the eye.* I’m stripping you of the title genin.
Naruto: But….
Tsunade: And under the recommendation of Konoha’s jounin forces, as well as the other Kages, promoting you to special jounin.
Naruto smiles: Really?
Tsunade: Yes. Not a single person in this room can compare to you right now.
Naruto: Then I need to leave.
Tsunade with a questioned look: Why?!
Naruto: I need the Hokage scroll.
Tsunade: Figures… I’ll allow it under one condition.
Naruto: Yeah…
Tsunade: These guys accompany you.
*Scene focuses on Yondaime’s bodyguards.*
Genma: It was a privilege serving your father. It will be a privilege serving you, Naruto-sama.
*The three men surround Naruto.*
Naruto: Wait!
*Naruto rushes over to Hinata.*
Naruto whispers to her: I’ll be back as soon as possible.
*Naruto kisses Hinata and then runs back to the trio.*
Naruto: Can you guys keep up with me?
Genma: Same old Naruto.
*The trio get in formation and flash out to Konoha. Scene switches to Kagame looking down from a cliff.*
Kagame: It’s going to take at least 4 days uncle. We’ll have to let both the hachibi and kyuubi chakra manifest and grow before using them to complete the juubi.
*Madara walks up behind Kagame.*
Madara: And what of your candidate?
*Kagame points down on a path, where you can see Juugo, Karin, and Suigetsu walking.*
Kagame: He’s been following them now for some time.
Madara: And who are they?
Kagame: Orochimaru’s guinea pigs.
Madara: Why did you choose him?
Kagame: All the conditions were right. He had a talented brother, he was impressionable, and I knew we could mold and grow the hatred inside of him.
Madara: And his brother?
Kagame: The first to awaken the Mangekyo Sharigan since myself.
*Scene shows flashback of when Kagame aided in Tobirama’s death, thus gaining his MS.*
Kagame: Even though he was a Senju dog, he tried to raise me after father passed and you left.
*Madara looks at Kagame.*
Madara: So how are you sure that Sasuke will not fail like Nagato?
Kagame: Because he is an Uchiha, and he can’t stand Uzamaki Naruto.
*Scene focuses on Karin. We see her shiver and go cold faced. Juugo straightens up as well.*
Suigetsu: What is it?
*Sasuke jumps out infront of them.*
Sasuke: Me!

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