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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Surpassed Part 3

*Scene focuses on the Hokage’s Office. A cloud of smoke appears and dissipates revealing Naruto and crew.*
Naruto: Wow… was that…
Genma: Yes, that was the Flying Thunder God.
Naruto: Awesome.
Genma: So why are we here? If you’re looking to learn the FTG, we could teach it to you.
*Naruto suddenly knocks out all three men.*
Naruto: Sorry guys. But I know none of you would allow me to do this.
Kurama: Shouldn’t you have let them help you with FTG first?
*Naruto looks at all three.*
Naruto: Yeah….
Kurama: Let’s go. We need to hurry.
*Scene skips to Naruto in a file room, walking up to the scroll. Scene switches back to the Allied Forces HQ.*
Shikaku: Hokage-sama, was it wise to let Naruto have the scroll?
Tsunade: Wise or not, he would have done it had I not allowed him.
Shikamaru: She’s right dad.
Ei: And none of us can stop him either.
Shikaku: What do you think he wants there?
Tsunade: Knowing Naruto, who knows? in thought: I just hope it’s not that jutsu that he is after.
*Scene switches back to Naruto reading the scroll.*
Kurama: You can’t practice this jutsu like all the others you have done, Naruto. This one will take your life. *Scene shows a troubled look on Kurama’s face.*
Naruto: What’s wrong?
Kurama: You will know, if you ever meet him.
Naruto: Meet who?
Kurama: The shinigami! *Scene shows the Death God.*
*All of a sudden several steps are heard, and Naruto puts the scroll back. The door to the room is opened and in walks Koharu and Komaru.*
Koharu: This door wasn’t locked…. odd.
Komaru: Someone’s been here.
*Naruto manages to sneak behind them, slamming the door shut.*
Naruto: It’s time for some answers.
Koharu: What is the meaning of this Naruto?
Naruto: I know the secret about the Uchiha massacre.
*Both Komaru and Koharu look at each other.*
Naruto: I heard the story from the masked man.
Koharu looks down: It’s true. Danzou provided proof of an Uchiha uprising. Hiruzen tried to reach a compromise. But Danzou wouldn’t have it. That’s why he choose his best warrior, Uchiha Itachi, to take on that mission.
Naruto: Because of you, Sasuke has sworn to come here and destroy Konoha, and the two of you.
Komaru: Who else knows of this?
Naruto: I’m not the ony one, and that is all you need to know.
*Naruto opens the door and leaves the room as Komaru and Koharu look at each other.*
Koharu: We should prepare then.
Komaru: For what?
Koharu: Our fight with Uchiha Sasuke. He’s already killed Danzou.
*Scene switches to the Hokage’s Office. Naruto walks in and tries to wake up the three men.*
Naruto: Sorry about the guys… just go so excited.
Genma: What the hell happened?
Naruto: So… can you guys teach me the FTG?
Genma: I’ll try.
Naruto: You?
Genma: Yeah, those two have orders.
*The other two leave.*
Genma: Let me start by explaining. The FTG is not a teleportation jutsu. It’s actually a summoning jutsu.
Naruto: Like a reverse summon?
Genma: Yeah… in thought: This may not be that hard after all.
Naruto: So who summons me?
Genma: No one does. The FTG uses seals. The seals are marked with your chakra, kind of like a homing device. You just let your chakra reabsorb, and in doing so, you’re pulled to that direction, that instant.
Kurama to Naruto: But we won’t use it the conventional way they have. They need it for close range fighting. You don’t.
Naruto: I got it. Can we head back now?
Genma: No, we’ve got at least an hour.
Naruto: Then it’s time for some ramen. My treat.
*Naruto and Genma walk off to get ramen. Meanwhile Kurama and Naruto have a conversation.*
Naruto: So if I won’t need the FTG for close range combat, why do I need it?
Kurama: Naruto, you’ve seen the destruction that Madara and that masked man can do. You are the only one who stands a chance against them. But your friends will still try to help you. This jutsu will help you protect them by keeping them away from Madara.
Naruto: But I’m fast enough already.
Kurama: True, but this does not require the amount of chakra.
*As Naruto and Genma are eating ramen, Naruto gets the “light bulb” look on his face.*
Naruto: So I can do this without your help?
Kurama: Yes…. and with my help, we can increase the distance.
Naruto: So that meteorite attack….
Kurama: Exactly!
*Scene fast forwards back to the Hokage’s Office with all four in it.*
Naruto: So you said it is done by seals…. do you place the seals where you want to go.
Genma: Yes.
Naruto: Is there any way that you can give me a seal…. I want to try something.
Genma: Try what…
*Naruto looks at him with Sage eyes.*
Genma: Ok.
*Genma hands him a piece of paper.*
Genma: We’ll give you two minutes. If you haven’t showed up by then, we’ll come get you.
Naruto: Thanks.
*The trio gets in their places and vanish*
Naruto: Here we go.
*Naruto vanishes. Scene switches to Mount Myouboku. Naruto sees Gamabunta and runs to him.*
Gamabunta: Naruto…. how’s it going?
Naruto: I don’t have much time. But you need to get everyone ready for battle.
Gamabunta: What do you mean?
Naruto: The 4th Great Ninja War has started, and we’re fighting Uchiha Madara. I must leave now.
*Naruto vanishes. Gamabunta orders a fodder toad to make preparations and notify everyone. Scene switches to AFHQ. Naruto puffs into the room.*
Genma: Took you long enough.
Naruto: Yeah, well…. I’m new at this.

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