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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Blissful Ignorance

*Scene opens with Hinata and Naruto facing each other in her bed asleep. A loud knock is heard at the door.*
Temari shouting: Naruto! Naruto!.... Are you in there?
Shikamaru: Do you have to yell…. I have a splitting headache.
Temari: That’s what you get for drinking last night.
Shikamaru: What a drag.
*Scene focuses back on Naruto and Hinata who are now stirring in bed. The both awake at the same time and smile each other.*
Hinata: I could get used to this.
Naruto: Me too.
*Temari keeps banging on the door and shouting.*
Naruto: They’re here for me.
Hinata: Mind if I come?
Naruto: Sure.
*Naruto gets up and goes to door and tells Temari that he is on his way. Hinata joins him and they head to the meeting.*
Naruto: You sure you want to come.
Hinata: Anything that involves you, yes.
*Naruto smiles. As Naruto and Hinata enter the meeting, all of the Kages and generals are there waiting for him. Tsunade looks up at Naruto, and seeing Hinata, she smiles.*
Ei: It’s about time.
Naruto: Sorry.
Ei looking at Hinata: Peaceful night?
Naruto: Yeah.
Ei: Sorry then.
*Tsunade walks up to the Raikage and slaps him up the backside of his head.*
Tsunade: Do not speak of Hinata in that way.
Ei: You better be glad he’s here. *pointing at Naruto*
Naruto: So what’s this all about?
Ei: Your pal here has come up with a plan for us.
Shikamaru: From the intel I have gathered, the key to the bijuu situation is that statue.
Naruto and Bee: Gedo Mazo.
Shikamaru: Yeah…. how do you know what it is called.
Ei: Keep going Shikamaru.
Shikamaru: Anyways, Raikage-sama told me that when he injured the statue, Shukaku was released. So…. if we are able to destroy the statue, the bijuu should all be released.
Oonoki: So how do you recommend we do that?
Shikamaru: By having two 4-man cell teams, one attacking high, the other low.
Oonoki: So who do propose as the two teams?
Shikamaru: Team A will consist of Konoha’s Rock Lee, Kumo’s Darui, Suna’s Temari, and Iwi’s Kurotsuchi. Team B will consist of Konoha’s Might Gai, Konoha’s Kakashi, Iwi’s Kitsuchi, and Kiri’s Choujuurou. The Five Kages will serve as reinforcements for when Madara shows up.
Ei: So what you’re saying is we take at that statue, we stop Madara.
Shikamaru: No. We take out that statue, we stop his “eye of the moon” plan. We still have to find a way to defeat Madara, the masked man, and Sasuke.
Oonoki: Don’t forget about Kabuto.
Tsunade: Speaking of which, why have I not received any intel from Anko lately?
Shikaku: Actually Lady Tsunade, we have received any reports from her in over a week.
*Scene switches to Anko, lying unconscious on a table in Amegakure. Scene switches back to the meeting room.*
Tsunade: This is unacceptable.
Ei: Calm down Hokage. We must prioritize. And your Shikamaru here has developed quite the plan to handle Madara’s “eye of the moon” plan.
Kurama to Naruto: We could try Naruto. Look at it as training.
Naruto aloud to the meeting: Mind if I try to find her?
Shikamaru: It’s actually better if you stay here with us.
Gaara: Go!
*Everyone looks shocked at Gaara.*
Gaara: Go on Naruto, return safely, and hopefully with Anko.
Ei: Are you sure Kazekage?
Gaara: Yes.
*Naruto turns to Hinata, kisses her, and then whispers to her*: I come back as fast as I can.
*Naruto leaves the room.*
Tsunade: Why did you do that Kazekage?
Gaara: Why did you let Naruto go after the Hokage scroll?
*Oonoki chuckles.*: Well played Kazekage.
*Scene switches to Naruto outside.*
Naruto: Ok, so how are we going to do this.
Kurama: Well, you transfer to anywhere on the planet by using senjutsu, and going anywhere on this planet you want. I can’t help you with that. But I can help you sense her.
Naruto: So….
Kurama: Sense her first, and then use senjutsu to go to her.
Naruto: Or…
*Naruto enters sage mode*
Naruto: We try this…
*Naruto then goes full Kurama mode. Bee sees Naruto through a window.*
Bee: Holy Shit!!!!!
*People start to run to the window to see what Bee is talking about, and Naruto is gone in an instant.*
Bee: That mofo…. That was tight.
Ei: What?
Bee: Naruto…. he was off the chain.
Ei: Ugh….
*Scene switches back Kagame and Sasuke in the cave. Madara enters the room.*
Madara: How are things progressing?
Kagame: Smoothly.
Madara: Good. I’m heading out at nightfall with the replica Gedo Mazos.
Kagame in thought: Everything is going according to plan.
*Scene switches to Naruto just outside of the shack in Amegakure.*
Naruto: I don’t sense any evil intentions here, but I do sense someone.
Kurama: Is it her?
Naruto: I’m not sure. But someone is coming here, but they’re about an hour away.
Kurama: Yeah, just one person.
*Naruto deactivates kurama sage mode.*
Naruto: Let’s go.
*Naruto enters the shack. Scene switches to Kumogakure.*
Fodder ninja: Identify yourself.
*No response from the traveler.*
Fodder: Identify yourself, or we will use force.
*Scene shows a traveler with a huge cloak on.*
Fodder: You’ve been warned.
*All of sudden the Kages and the generals of the shinobi army are at the gate to confront the stranger.*
Ei: One more step without telling us who you are and you die there.
*The stranger removes the cloak.*
Stranger: We seek asylum.
*The stranger is revealed to be Juugo and Karin. Scene switches back to the shack with Naruto.*
Naruto: I sensed her, but I don’t see her.
Kurama: Look for secret passageways.
*Naruto notices that when he just stepped, the wood made a different screech while he walked on it. Naruto uses a rasengan to blast through the floor. Naruto falls into the laboratory underneath the shack. He sees Anko strapped to the table. Naruto rushes to her and removes the straps from her. He grabs and flashes out. Scene switches back to Kumo.*
Ei: Why are you seeking asylum?
Juugo: Sasuke has promised to kill her. I can’t allow that, but I know I can’t beat him.
*Kakashi has his headband up, reading Karin and Juugo with his sharingan.*
Kakashi: He appears to be telling the truth. Why are you her? *looking at Karin*
Karin: I thought I loved him, but he wants to kill me. He’s already tried it once. If that girl hadn’t saved me, I would be dead.
*Scene shows Sakura gathering medical supplies for the upcoming battle.*
Kakashi: So how did you end up here?
*Ibiki appears from nowhere.*
Ibiki: I allowed her, and we need to talk Hokage-sama.
Karin in thought: Maybe he will have the strength to tell them about Sasuke.
*Juugo keeps his arm around Karin. Scene switches back to the shack in Amegakure. A shadowy figure walks into the shack and sees all the carnage from Naruto.*
Figure: What happened here?
*The figure drops down to the laboratory.*
Figure: It’s all set up.
*Suigetsu steps into the light from the sunset, noticing everything in the laboratory.*
Suigetsu: It’s just as the scroll said, but she’s not here. I want that power. I’ll show him I’m not weak. Give me that power Orochimaru.
*Suigetsu straps himself on the table. He grabs the scalpel and throws it at a machine to start the process. Suigetsu begins to scream in pain. Scene switches back to Kumo. Naruto flashes into the meeting room with Anko.*
Shikamaru: You made it Naruto.
Naruto: Yeah. Let’s get her to a medic.
*Some fodder ninja come and get Anko, taking her to the medic tent. Ei and Tsunade walk into the room after hearing Naruto returned with Anko.*
Tsunade: Naruto, you better come with us.
*Naruto leaves the room with Ei and Tsunade. Scene switches to a room with Ibiki, Kakashi, Juugo, and Karin. Naruto, Tsunade, and Ei enter the room. Karin looks up at Naruto and smiles a bit. Juugo sees Naruto and relaxes a bit. Ibiki notices the changes.*
Ibiki whispering: Amazing…
Tsunade: Naruto, have you met Karin?
Naruto: Yeah, once.
Tsunade: What about Juugo?
Naruto: Not that I can recall.
Tsunade: Well they know about you. And it’s all thanks to Sasuke.
*Naruto gets a serious look.*
Tsunade: And he now has the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.
*Suddenly Karin and Juugo have scared expressions on their faces.*
Ibiki: What’s wrong?
Karin: Something is coming.
*Naruto enters full Kurama mode. Karin looks at Naruto and relaxes just a little.*
Tsunade: What is it Naruto? Is it Sasuke?
Naruto: No. It’s Madara. And he’s bringing company.
*Scene shows Madara riding one of the replica Gedo Mazos as they head to Kumo.*
Madara: Tonight, is the beginning of the end.
*Scene zooms out and shows several meteors heading towards Kumo’s main gate.*

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