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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


*Scene shows Kumo’s main gate. In the distance you can see several small specs growing larger and larger. The sirens start going off.*
Fodder ninja: Battle stations! Battle stations! This is not a drill!
*Scene switches to the room with Naruto, Tsunade, Kakashi, Ibiki, Juugo, and Karin.*
Tsunade: Shit! Ibiki, get them out of here.
Ibiki: Aye.
*Ibiki escorts the two out of the room as Naruto, Kakashi and Tsunade leave the room. Scene switches to the conference room where Ei, Oonoki, Mei, Gaara, Shikaku, and the sensor group are at. Naruto, Kakashi, and Tsunade come running into.*
Ei: What's the situation?!
Ao: We have 8 very large chakras heading this direction.
Naruto: One is Madara.
*All of the Kages grimace.*
Oonoki: Could he be using the bijuu?
Ao: I doubt it. These chakras aren’t at the level of Naruto or Bee-sama. But they are close.
Ei: Summon the communication team here as well. Everyone else, move out.
*All of sudden there is an explosion and the earth shakes. Everyone but Naruto falls over in the conference room. Scene switches to Kumo’s main gate, showing that it is demolished. Scene switches to KillerBee who runs from his room to the outside.*
Bee: What the shit?!
*Scene switches to Naruto who flashes out of the conference room and to the main gate. Naruto looks at the devastation. He then looks out into the distance, seeing the multiple Gedo Mazos.*
Naruto: Unbelievable!
*Naruto flashes back to the conference room*
Naruto: We’ve got trouble.
*KillerBee runs into the room.*
Bee: What the fuck is goin’ on?!
Naruto: About 5 minutes away, Madara…. multiple Gedo Mazos.
Ei dumbfounded: Did you say multiple?
*Naruto nods his head.*
Ei: At least we have most of your civilians evacuated. We must evacuate the rest, immediately!
Bee: But where to?!
*The earth shakes again, as everyone falls over except for Bee and Naruto. Scene switches to Raikage’s office showing that it demolished. Everyone rushes outside and sees the horrific scene.*
Tsunade: Konoha is closest, but we’ve already evacuated the majority of our people, and we just don’t have the resources right now since we’re rebuilding.
Mei: We will help.
Bee: But that’s too damn far away!
Naruto: Gather everyone together!
*Naruto looks at Tsunade.*
Naruto: I’m going to need help!
Tsunade: Got it!
Ei: We’ll need to send squads to make sure they make it safely.
*Scene shows Omoi, Karui, Mabui, Sakura, Ino, and Hinata escorting everyone to a coliseum.*
Omoi: Right this way.
Karui: We should be with Bee-sama.
Mabui: These are orders from the Raikage! He wants us here!
*Scene shows about a hundred people at the coliseum.*
Mabui to Sakura, Ino, and Hinata: Thank you!
*All four bow to each other. Hinata, Ino, and Sakura start to leave as Naruto and the Hokage’s guards enter. Hinata grabs Naruto’s arm as they pass each other.*
Hinata: Be careful!
Naruto: I will.
Sakura: Good luck Naruto!
*The three girls leave as Naruto and group get at the north, east, south, and west extremities of the congregation. All four hold their hands up.*
Genma: So how is this going to work?!
*Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode.*
Genma in amazement: Ok!....
*The group vanishes in a second. Scene switches over to Killer Bee standing on a cliff looking up into the sky, seeing three more meteors heading for Kumo.*
Bee: So that’s how he did it.
*Ei appears next to Bee.*
Ei: To think, our village has been reduced to this.
*Scene shows the devastation of Kumo from an ariel view as the meteors continue to crash down. The rest of the Kages show up behind Ei and Bee. The remaining forces are at the front gate, led by the remaining generals.*
Bee: But we have hope. Go handle Madara while I stop those. *pointing at the meteors.*
*Ei flickers out and lands next to Shikamaru.*
Ei: So what now?
Shikamaru: I don’t know…. I didn’t know there were this many.
*The shinobi alliance stares out at Madara and the Gedo Mazos. Scene switches to Kagame and Sasuke.*
Kagame: Sasuke, can you hear me? This is painful isn’t it?
*Scene shows Sasuke in a drugged state with drool seeping out of the side of his mouth. The door creeks open.*
Kagame: I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.
*Kabuto walks over to Kagame.*
Kabuto: Sorry, but I had some side business to take care of.
Kagame: As was promised, here is my end of the bargain.
*Kagame tosses Kabuto a phial of pink fluid.*
Kabuto: And my end. Five Finger Disruption Seal!
*Kabuto hits Sasuke in his abdominal area with the seal.*
Kabuto: Now… You’ll hand him over when it is done?
Kagame: Yes. I knew Madara didn’t want to put the world under the genjutsu. I know he wanted to use the juubi to control the world. Now we’ll see the end of Uchiha Madara.
Kabuto: What a fucked up family you have.
*Scene switches to back the Kumo.*
Ei: Get ready!
*Madara leaps down infront of the GMs. Genma and crew flash back to the battle scene.*
Tsunade: Where is Naruto?
Genma: Don’t worry about him. He said he would be here.
Tsunade: This is Uchiha Madara we’re talking about!
Genma: With all due respect Hokage-sama, this is Uzamaki Naruto, we’re talking about.
*Hinata and Sakura are shown smiling. The rest of the Konoha 12 are shown smiling or grinning.*
Madara in thought: Those smiles are about to be wiped away.
Bee shouts: Bijuu dama!
*Bee is fully transformed into Gyuuki and fires off the largest bijuu bomb he’s ever fired off. The next scene shows the jutsu obliterating the meteors.*
Madara in thought: Just a minor setback.
*Madara does a grand fireball jutsu and swings his fan to give it power, sending it towards the army. A puff of smoke appears, and the fireball disappears.*
Ei, Oonoki, Mei, and Gaara in unison: Amazing.
Genma: That’s our Naruto.
*Scene focuses on Hinata as she stares at Naruto’s direction in amazement.*
Genma: Our number 1 knucklehead ninja.
*Scene shows Gamabunta, Gamaken, and several other fodder toads. Fukasuka hops next to Tsunade.*
Fuka: Princess Tsunade, we’re here to help.
Ei: I’ve heard about you. So the boy is a sage.
Fuka: More than you know.
*The scene focuses on Naruto standing atop Gamabunta’s head. Naruto is in his Kurama Sage mode. The chakra cloak resemble that of full Kurama mode, but armour has been added to his forearms and shins. Naruto’s hair appears longer than Yondaime’s. Scene switches to Madara who stares at Naruto.*
Madara: You truly are the younger son. Let me show you why we, the elder sons are far superior!
*Scene switches to Shikamaru.*
Shikamaru: Now we have a chance.

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