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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Kakashi bumps Gai in the chest and points to Naruto.*
Kakashi: The calvary has arrived.
*The second clone flashes all around the Gedo fighting the Raikage, hitting it with a barrage of Kurama Sage punches, each creating craters in the Gedo. Finally, Raikage does a horizontal chop in raiton armor to severe the head. The Gedo comes crashing down.*
Ei: Thanks.
*The scene converges on the last Gedo being fought by Bunta, Gamaken, Rock Lee, and Sai.*
Naruto: Your end is now.
*There a three way split panel, showing a clone coming behind the Gedo with an two rasengans, one in each hand, a second clone crashing down from above one the Gedo with an Oodama rasengan, and the original Naruto throwing a fuuton rasenshuriken at the Gedo. As the three converge, the earth quakes as a huge dust cloud arises. Once the dust settles, the only thing left is the Gedo’s feet. Naruto returns to the group of shinobi.*
Naruto: How is everyone?
Kakashi: We’ll be ok.
Fukasuka: Raikage, Naruto…. this is no longer a place to hold your army, especially those injured.
Ei: What do you recommend elder?
Fukasuka: I’ll never hear the end of it, but at Mount Myouboku, we can offer some type of shelter.
Ei: But how will we get there?
Naruto: Leave that to him.
*Naruto flashes out and over to the medic tent. He disperses Kurama Sage mode. Naruto looks around for his friends. Hinata walks up behind Naruto.*
Hinata: Naruto…
*Naruto spins around and hugs her.*
Naruto: I’m glad you’re safe.
Hinata: I’m glad you’re safe. We can’t stay here.
Naruto: I know. *yells*: Everyone, pack all medicines and rations. We’re getting out of here.
Tsunade runs up: How?! You can’t move this amount of people, and where will you move them to?
Naruto: Mount Myouboku.
*Tsunade’s facial expression turns to shocked. The scene shows all the remaining shinobi alliance gathered in the medic area.*
Ei: I can’t believe this.
Bee: We’ll return… and rebuild.
*Ei grimaces as everyone gathers.*
Fukasuka: Everyone gather around.
*The sun rises on the group.*
Naruto and Fukasuka in unison: Kuchiyose no Jutsu!!!
*A puff of smoke appears, and then dissipates, showing an empty area.*

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