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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


*Scene shows all of the shinobi alliance army in a large theatre area on Myouboku. Fukasuka is in front of everyone.*
Fukasuka: I apologize for the inconveniences. But for now, this is your home.
*Ei looks down and growls. Bee puts his hand on his brother’s shoulder.*
Bee: Calm down. We’re gonna rebuild Kumo, bigger and better than it was.
Fukasuka: Naruto!
*Naruto walks up to Fukasuka.*
Fukasuka: The Great Elder wants to speak with you.
*Scene switches back to Kumo and the devastation. A figure is shown walking through the middle.*
Kabuto: Now that I have this *holds up the phial of pink fluid*, not even the great Uchiha Madara can stop me now.
*Scene switches to Madara sitting in a room, with bandages on his chest. Kagame walks in the room.*
Kagame: What happened?
Madara: The kyuubi boy is more formidable than expected.
Kagame: Maybe next time you shouldn’t toy with him????
Madara snarls at Kagame: Shut the f^ck up!
Kagame in thought: You underestimated him, and you underestimate me. You’ll see when you try to control Sasuke.
*Kagame leaves the room to go check on Sasuke.*
Kagame: How are you feeling Sasuke?
Sasuke: I’m ready to see someone’s blood spill.
Kagame: You know he will try to control you.
Sasuke in thought: Just as you will try, but you’ll both fail.
Sasuke: Then why are you helping him.
Kagame: You want revenge for your brother. I want it for my father.
Sasuke: Don’t forget… I know you helped kill our clan.
*Sasuke looks at Kagame with his EMS.*
Kagame in thought: You haven’t reached the final step. Know your place boy.
*Scene focuses on Kagame’s Rinnegan eye. Scene switches back to Myouboku with the Great Elder Toad and Naruto.*
Elder: What’s your name again?
Naruto: Uzamaki Naruto.
Elder: Ah…. yes, I remember you.
Naruto: What is it you have to tell me that not even Fukasuka can hear it?
Elder: I’m an old toad, Naruto.
Naruto: How old?
Elder: I knew him.
Naruto: Who, the younger son?
Elder: Him, too…. I’m talking about the Rikudo Sennin himself.
*Naruto stands at attention with hearing this.*
Elder: Let me show you something.
*The Elder Sage does a handsign, and an old scroll pops up, unraveling itself.*
Elder: This is my personal summoning contract. I was one of three summons for him.
*Scene does a flashback to a younger elder toad sage, a slug sage, and a snake sage.*
Elder: The elder son thought he had enough power that he didn’t need our help. The younger son thought otherwise, and did contracts with Fukasuka and Katsuchiayo. Ever since, we toads and slug have fought for the cause of the younger son and his descendants.
Naruto: What about the third summon?
Elder: Ryuden thought the younger son was too na´ve. But he also knew the elder son despised him. He set out on his own
Naruto: So who is Katsuchico… whatever her name was?
Elder: He… is now the Elder Slug Sage.
*There is a long pause.*
Elder: Naruto…. do you know how you are a descendant of Rikudo Sennin?
Naruto: I don’t know, but Madara and the masked man have said I am.
Elder: Naruto… how could RS have had two sons?
Naruto: Probably because he got married or settled down with someone…
*A shocked expression comes across his face.*
Elder: Her name was Miyashi… Uzamaki Miyashi. You have more ties to RS than you know.
Naruto: No way….
Kurama in thought: I haven’t heard that name in ages.
Naruto: You knew her?
Elder: If you want to know more about her, talk with the Kurama.
Kurama in thought: Even he remembers.
*Scene switches to Tsunade, Sakura, and Shima.*
Tsunade: Thank you for everything Shima.
Shima: Don’t worry Princess Tsunade.
Sakura in thought: Who knew there were so many?
*Naruto enters the area and walks up to Hinata and hugs her.*
Hinata: Naruto!
*She hugs him back tightly. Shima is looking on.*
Shima: So, someone finally tamed that wild heart of his?
Tsunade: Seems so.
Shima: He reminds me so much of Jiraya boy.
*Tsunade looks down.*
Shima: Oh, I’m sorry dear.
Tsunade: It’s ok.
Shima: Why didn’t you ever hook him? Heaven knows he was after you for ages.
Tsunade: I know…. It…. it would have been weird.
Shima: It’s always weird at first.
*Shima looks at Sakura.*
Shima: And don’t you worry either. If anyone can find your love, it will be him.
*All look at Naruto and Hinata embracing. Scene switches to Ei, Bee, Shikaku, Shikamaru, and Fukasuka.*
Ei: How are we going to fight from here?
Bee: We’re not.
*Ei looks at Bee.*
Fukasuka: Raikage-sama… There is only one person who knows how to get here now, and that is Naruto. Not even Madara knows how to get here. So there won’t be any fighting from here?
Ei: Then where?
Bee: We’ll have to trust in Naruto for that.
Shikamaru: Naruto and him brought us here, surely they can take us to any battlefield we choose?!
Fukasuka: I can’t. We reverse summoned you here. And I don’t know at what level Naruto can take anyone to a battlefield, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was able to take all of you.
*Scene switches back to Tsunade, Shima, Sakura, and Hinata.*
Shima: So you’re in love with Naruto?
*Hinata blushes.*
Sakura: He’s a great guy Hinata.
Hinata: Yeah, I know.
Shima: You break his heart, I’ll break you, you hear me?!
*Tsunade and Sakura bust out laughing while Hinata looks worried.*
Tsunade: You don’t have to worry about that Shima. She’s been smitten with him for some time now… at least that is what Kurenai told me.
Hinata: How is Kurenai-sensei? She should be set for delivery any day now.
Shima: Well, it’s dinner time. I’m fixing my specialty. Naruto loved it, so hopefully you will too.
*Scene shows the buffet of bugs and worms. All three women have green faces, holding back from puking. Scene switches back to Fukasuka and Raikage.*
Ei enraged: I will not calm down. My village was destroyed. And I can’t fight the bastard who did it?!
*Naruto enters the room and walks up beside Ei. *
Naruto: So you want revenge?
Ei: Of course.
*Naruto looks at Bee.*
Naruto: Is that what you want?
Bee: No….
*Ei looks at Bee shocked. Bee turns to Ei.*
Bee: I want to rebuild Kumo. We were able to evacuate all the people before any real damage was done brotha.
*Bee turns to Naruto.*
Bee: When you leave to fight, I want to come along.
*Naruto smiles and nods at Bee.*
Fukasuka: Naruto… this time we won’t be able to help so much. We have our own wounded.
*An explosion is heard outside. Everyone races to see what it is.*
Unknown: I’m coming this time.
Naruto: Is that you… Gamakichi?
*Scene shows a toad the same size as Gamabunta.*
Kichi: The one and only!
*Another huge toad lands beside Gamakichi.*
Naruto: Gamatatsu?! Awesome!!!!
Tatsu: We’re both coming this time.
Shikamaru looks at Shikaku: How come we don’t have any summonings like that?
Shikaku: Do you realize how much chakra it would take to summon those two?
Shikamaru: You have a point dad.
Ei: Shikaku and Shikamaru… come up with a strategy for us.
*The two look at Ei.*
Shikamaru: But Raikage-sama, we don’t know the number of the enemy.
*Naruto turns to them.*
Naruto: The number won’t matter. Just focus on Madara, the masked man, and Sasuke.
*Naruto turns to Bee.*
Bee: We’ll take care of the number.
Shikamaru in thought: What a cheesy line.

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