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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Eve of Armageddon

*Scene shows Ei walking with Bee through Myouboku.*
Bee: You know you can’t beat him.
Ei: Yeah…. And that is what makes it worse.
Bee: Don’t worry about it. You’ve got to let Naruto handle this.
Ei: And what if he can’t. What if even he can’t beat Madara? Madara toyed with us like we were his lap dogs.
Bee: Naruto returned from his fight with Madara. That’s gotta say something.
*Scene switches to Naruto with Fukasuka and Shima.*
Naruto: Thank you for allowing us to stay here, but tomorrow, we won’t intrude any longer.
Shima: Don’t worry about it Naruto.
Fukasuka: What is your plan?
Naruto: Madara will begin to search for this place. I’ve actually put you in danger already. This is our fight. I’ll take them to a safe place. Then we’ll fight them.
Fukasuka: Naruto…. if you feel like that is what you must do…
Shima: But fuka…
Fukasuka: He’s made up his mind Shima.
Naruto: I’m going to call a meeting for everyone.
*Scene switches to a meadow, with everyone standing around. Panel focuses on Hinata walking up to Naruto.*
Hinata: What’s going on Naruto?
Naruto: We’re leaving.
Hinata: But so soon?
Naruto: Yeah.
*Gamabunta crashes down in the meadow infront of everyone. Everyone goes silent.*
Bunta: Naruto-sama has a few words for you.
*Naruto walks infront of everyone, pulling Hinata along by her hand.*
Naruto: It’s time we left. A few things have been revealed to me… and…
*Naruto looks at Hinata.*
Naruto: It’s been made clear to me what needs to happen.
*Ei starts to walk towards Naruto, but Bee stands infront of him.*
Bee: Hear him out.
Naruto: I’m going to take those who are wounded to Kirigakure. The last remaining will come with me back to Konoha.
*The crowd goes shocked.*
Ei yells: Why Konoha?
Naruto: Because, it’s the closest to the battlefield.
Tsunade: Are you sure about this Naruto?
Naruto: Yes.
*Scene switches to Amegakure, with Kabuto walking into the shack.*
Kabuto: I knew he would come, but I didn’t expect this amount of damage.
*A figure is seen moving in the shadows.*
Kabuto: And who are you?
*The figure steps from the shadows.*
Figure: Why, it’s me!
*Scene shows Suigetsu, with a long snake-like tongue.*
Kabuto: Orochimaru-sama…
Orochimaru: What happened to Sasuke?
Kabuto: He… in thought: So Suigetsu found the scroll.
Kabuto: It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are back.
Orochimaru: So… how have things progressed in my absence?
Kabuto: I’ve done it?
Orochimaru: Done what?
*Kabuto holds up the phial of pink fluid. He tosses it to Orochimaru.*
Orochimaru: So I guess our arrangement is complete then?
Kabuto: Seems so.
Orochimaru: Where will you go?
Kabuto: Here and there? You?
Orochimaru: I’m going to let this war end. And then make my move. But first I must rebuild my ranks and Otogakure. Sure you don’t want to help.
Kabuto: No… but I’ll consider being a hired gun at times.
Orochimaru in thought: Just what have you done in my absence?
Orochimaru: So long… Kabuto-sama.
*The scene shows both men going their separate ways. Scene switches back to the alliance forces that are now in Konoha.*
Ei: So what’s your plan Naruto?
Naruto: There’s going to be 3 divisions. I’ll let Shikamaru explain the rest.
Shikamaru: Our 3 divisions will consist of an attacking group, a support group, and a defensive group.
Oonoki: Why only three?
Shikamaru: Because only a handful of people are going to be in the attack group. The support group and defensive group with have several sub-divisions. The attack group will consist of Raikage-sama, Tsuchikage-sama, Kakashi, Might Gai, Darui, Rock Lee, Killer Bee, and Naruto. The support group will consist of Shizune, Sakura, and Hokage-sama. Myself, Ao, and Yamanaka Inoichi will also be a part of the support division. Rounding out the support division will be all of our long range fighters. The defense division will be everyone else, led by Kazekage-sama and Mizukage-sama.
Ei: Any objections?
Naruto: Me and Bee will actually be infront of you and the rest of the attack group.
Oonoki: So this it then? Our last stand.
Naruto looks at Oonoki: Hopefully it won’t be your last.
Oonoki: Why are you so worried Naruto?
*Naruto looks down. Scene switches to outside of the meeting hall after the meeting is over. Panel focuses on Shikamaru and Naruto.*
Shikamaru: What’s bugging you, man?
Naruto: Let it go.
Shikamaru: Naruto… you’re more than my comrade, you’re my friend. I’m ready to go to hell with you if that’s the case.
Naruto: I won’t let you.
Shikamaru: Dammit Naruto, you’re not alone. Not anymore.
*Both turn and look at Hinata.*
Shikamaru: Whatever it is that you’re thinking about, promise me you’ll have a way to come back to her. It’s tough enough seeing Sakura go through it.
*Naruto looks down. Temari walks up to Shikamaru and Naruto.*
Temari: Shikamaru, can I speak to you?
*Shikamaru looks at Temari.*
Shikamaru: Sure.
*Temari and Shikamaru walk off as Shikaku walks up to Naruto.*
Shikaku: Naruto… I can tell you are bearing a heavy burden. Just remember, your father knew he didn’t have to do things alone. Shikamaru wants to walk with you. Hell, all of Konoha wants to walk with you. If we have to do it against your will, we will.
*Naruto smiles at this.*
Naruto: Thanks Shikaku-sama. Shikamaru sure is lucky to have you as a dad.
Shikaku: He’s even luckier to have you as a friend.
*Shikamaru walks back to Naruto and Shikaku.*
Shikamaru: Can you believe that?
Shikaku: What is it son?
Shikamaru: She wants a date after all of this. She even said that she would think about moving here for me.
Shikaku: Looks like you’ve found your woman boy.
Shikamaru: What a drag.
*Tsunade walks up to Naruto.*
Tsunade: I have something for you Naruto.
Naruto: What is it?
Tsunade: I’m not giving it to you until after this battle. But it is something you’ve earned.
*Tsunade looks at Shikaku and winks her eye. Shikaku smiles.*
Naruto: Ok.
*Tsunade walks off.*
Shikamaru: What was that all about?
*Naruto sees Hinata again and walks over to her.*
Naruto: Will you come with me?
Hinata: Always, Naruto-kun.
*Naruto grabs Hinata and flashes out of Konoha. They land in Kirigakure, next to Neji’s bed. Hinata sees Neji and grabs his hand.*
Hinata: How are you Neji-sama?
Neji: Just a little sore.
Naruto: Think you can make a little trip?
Neji: I guess so.
*As Neji sits up and then tries to stand up, he groans. Naruto grabs Hinata again, and then Neji, flashing out. They flash to another medic tent.*
Hinata: Father….
Hiashi: Hinata… Neji…
*The three hug.*
Hiashi: What are you doing here Hinata?
Hinata: I’m not sure.
Neji: Why don’t you come with me Hinata.
*Neji and Hinata walk off towards Sai and Kiba as Ino and Tenten wait by their bedsides. Tenten upon seeing Neji rushes to him and hugs him.*
Naruto in thought: Thanks Neji.
Hiashi: What is it Naruto-sama?
Naruto taken aback: I…
Hiashi: Yeah…
Naruto: If I return from this war, I want to marry your daughter.
*Hiashi chuckles and smiles.*
Hiashi: I’ll allow it under one condition.
Naruto: Yeah…
Hiashi: You will return from this war.
*Naruto bows before Hiashi.*
Hiashi: Question is, will she marry you?
Naruto: I sure hope so.
*Naruto runs over to the group, pulling Hinata away.*
Naruto: We need to get back for tomorrow.
Hinata: Ok… can I say goodbye to them.
Naruto: Yes.
*Hinata goes to say goodbye and then goes to her dad and give him a hug. She runs back to Naruto and they flash out.*
Neji: So, you’ll allow it.
Hiashi: Yes.
*Scene switches back to Konoha, as Naruto and Hinata flashback on top of Yondaime’s head on the Hokage Mountain. Naruto gets down on one knee before Hinata.*
Naruto: Now that I know what it’s like to have you actually in my life, please don’t ever leave. And I promise to never leave you. Marry me.
Hinata as she tears up: Of course.
*Naruto jumps up holding Hinata close in excitement. Off in the distance you can see Tsunade, Sakura, Shikamaru, Shikaku, Kakashi, Might Gai, Rock Lee, and Shino.*
Kakashi: We really should give them some privacy.
Might Gai: Ah, the power and essence of youth.
*Sakura hits Gai on the head.*
Sakura: What a perverted thing to say. I’m glad for both of them.
*Tsunade walks up to Sakura.*
Tsuande: Don’t forget… Hinata has his heart, but Naruto will always have his word.

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