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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Weight of Words

*The scene opens with Naruto spinning around with Hinata in his arms, both smiling.*
Naruto: I’m so happy!
Hinata: Not as much as I am.
*They kiss (like first real kiss with tongue).*
Kurama in thought: Dammit, there goes the whole Sasuke kiss now.
*Scene focuses back on Naruto and Hinata kissing.*
Hinata: Naruto…
Naruto: Yeah.
Hinata: Promise me you’ll bring back Sasuke… for Sakura-chan.
Naruto: I will.
Hinata: Promise me that you won’t kill yourself or Sasuke.
*Naruto looks down. Hinata picks up his chin.*
Hinata: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But my heart breaks for Sakura-chan when her love never acknowledged her. If something happens to Sasuke, or you… I will go to Hell and back.
*Naruto smiles.*
Naruto: Shikamaru said the same thing.
Hinata: We all feel that way, honey.
Naruto smiling: You called me honey.
Hinata: Yeah….
Naruto: So Konoha’s Orange Hokage can’t be called honey.
*Hinata looks at Naruto surprised.*
Hinata: You’re not Hokage yet…. honey.
*Hinata kisses Naruto again. Scene switches to Sasuke sitting on the cliff that is on the side of Madara’s statue at the Valley of the End.*
Sasuke in thought: So this is the power you’ve felt Naruto. It’s exhilarating! Once I’ve killed you, Kagame and Madara are next, then Konoha!
*Sasuke stands up looks in the direction of Konoha. Kagame walks up behind him.*
Kagame: There is something you should know Sasuke.
Sasuke: What is it, worm?
Kagame: Naruto wounded Madara.
Sasuke: Yeah, so…
Kagame: Nevermind then.
Kagame in thought: You benevolent little twerp. Once the juubi has destroyed you and is under my control, Madara will die and the world will suffer at my hands.
*Scene switches to Madara standing outside of Kumogakure.*
Madara: This is what I did, and you still stand against me. Once I have the Juubi, no one will be able to stop me. But it will be nice to take a trip down memory lane.
*Scene switches back to the Valley of the End.*
Kagame: Word of advice Sasuke.
*Sasuke glares at Kagame.*
Kagame: I wouldn’t use the juubi right away.
*Sasuke turns around wondering what Kagame is meaning. Scene switches to a mysterious mountain. A shadowy figure is walking down a path.*
Figure: Ryuden-sama, what is it that you wish?
Ryuden: Kabuto…. So those damn Uchiha fell for it.
Kabuto: Aye.
*Ryuden slithers behind a grove of trees, with only half of his body showing, but he is still taller than the forest.*
Ryuden: Good…. *slithers his tongue* And Orochimaru?
Kabuto: He’s returned. He said he’s going to rebuild Otogakure.
Ryuden: I am pleased to hear this.
*Ryuden looks at Kabuto.*
Ryuden: What is it my student?
Kabuto: I wish to retrieve Sasuke’s corpse and annihilate Uzamaki Naruto myself.
Ryuden: Do as you please… *slithers his tongue* But be careful. Haven’t you noticed?
Kabuto: Noticed what?
Ryuden: You’re not the only sage…
*Kabuto has a shocked look.*
Ryuden: But I guess you wouldn’t know since you were the second of the two.
*Scene focuses on Naruto asleep in bed with Hinata. A pile of clothes is seen next to the bed. The panels show all of the Konoha 12 sleeping in beds or on makeshift couches. The 5 Kages are holding a candlelight meeting.*
Oonoki: To think that boy….
Tsunade: Leave him some privacy Tsuchikage.
Oonoki: I’m just saying…
Ei: They could have been quieter.
Oonoki: Thank you.
Gaara: I’m proud of him.
*The rest of the Kages look at Gaara shocked.*
Gaara: None of us have a mate like he has now.
Tsunade smiles: Well said Kazekage.
Mei in thought: Someone change the conversation from this marriage talk.
Ei: So do you think this plan is going to work? I mean we all know Naruto is going to do something about Sasuke.
Oonoki: What can we do? None of you can compare to him. He’s faster and stronger than you *looking at Ei*. His healing abilities exceed yours *looking at Tsunade*. He’s “the” perfect jinchuuriki *looking at Gaara*. He’s mastered the Flying Thunder God and fought Madara and lived to tell about it. Do you know how many are able to say they’ve done that?
Tsunade: Not many.
*Tsunade grabs a box.*
Mei: What is that Tsunade-sama?
Tsunade: I was going to give it to Naruto when he returned, for his coronation. But I think I’m going to give it to him tomorrow.
Mei: So you’ve decided then…. he’s your recommendation for the next Hokage?
Tsunade: And the jounin of Konoha have already voted on it.
Ei: What is it that you’re going to give him?
*Tsunade pulls the cloak from the box.*
Tsunade: His father’s jacket.
Oonoki: It is well deserved, that’s for sure.
Ei: Back to the plan people. What if Naruto can’t handle the masked man, Madara, or Sasuke? I mean look at what 10 of those damn statue things did to my village. We don’t have the toads of Myouboku anymore.
Gaara: We won’t have all of those that were in Kumo. A couple still promised to show up for us.
Ei: What if it’s not enough? You people are hanging on to the hope of words, from a teenager mind you.
Tsunade: We have to.
Ei: That’s it? My village was destroyed!
Tsunade: And so was mine. But we’ve rebuilt it to this point, and we will continue. Naruto’s individual will of fire might outshine mine or any other Konoha shinobi’s, but his will is not brighter than our collective will.
Oonoki: Raikage-sama, maybe we should rest before our tempers get the best of us.
Gaara: Before we leave for our tents, let me say this. Tsunade-sama is the only one who has chosen a successor here. Nobody else has. Tomorrow, if it is required, I will lay down my life for Naruto and for you. I will forsake my village for him, because he’s possibly forsaking his life and happiness for us.
*Scene switches to Shikamaru’s tent, with Temari lying next to him.*
Temari: Could they not be any louder?
Shikamaru laughing: Given the circumstances…
Temari: What circumstances?
Shikamaru: I’m sure that it was both their first times, and the fact of what is happening tomorrow…
*Both Shikamaru and Temari look each other in the eyes.*
Temari: I want more than a date Shikamaru.
Shikamaru: But I’m sleepy.
Temari: Not that…. sheesh! I want what they have.
Shikamaru: I can’t promise that.
Temari: Why?
Shikamaru: Because… I’m ready to go to Hell with Naruto.
Temari: What about me.
Shikamaru: I’m sorry, but…. he makes a better shinobi…. a better man. He’s still holding on to a promise to Sakura from almost 4 years ago. Hell, it’s part of this whole damn war. I want to be like that. I want to make a promise, and feel the way he does until that promise is fulfilled.
*Temari rests her head on Shikamaru’s chest.*
Temari: Then I’m coming to Hell with you.
*Scene switches to Ei and Bee in a tent.*
Ei: How can you have so much faith in that boy?
Bee: Honestly, I didn’t at first. I mean it was cool helping him with the kyuubi and all, but…
Ei: But what?
Bee: Eight-o has faith.
Ei: So what about that bijuu.
Bee: That bijuu save you, me, and many lives last night. He’s put his life on the line for me, you, and Kumogakure many times. Never have you thanked him!
*Ei looks at Bee in shock.*
Bee: Eight-o has been around. He’s told me Naruto is legit. Hell, if something were to happen to me, I would want Naruto to be his jink.
*Scene switches to VotE as Madara flickers in. The sun rises, beaming off the face of the Madara statue.*
Madara: Playtime is over boys.
*Scene shows Madara with the rinnegan, Kagame with his EMS and rinnegan, and Sasuke with his EMS, shrowded in a dark chakra cloak.*

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