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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Darkness Falls

*Scene shows Naruto and Bee standing together on a tree branch, facing Sasuke who is in a full juubi chakra cloak. One tail has formed.*
Bee: This is crazy. Does he not know what that chakra will do to him?
Naruto: He does. That’s why we must end this quick.
*Both leap from the tree branch. Sasuke grins at this and fires off a grand fireball jutsu. Once the fireball dissipates, the two charred corpses poof away.*
Sasuke in thought: Clones…. when?
*Scene switches to Madara.*
Madara: C’mon boy. If you can’t see that right away, I should just kill you now.
*Scene switches over to Naruto hiding in some brush.*
Kurama: They’re only going to be able to withstand so much from Sasuke now that he is the jinchuuriki for the juubi. We need to move fast.
Naruto: But the plan is for us to wait for Madara to make his move. Only if Bee’s life is in danger do we make a move.
*Flashback scene to when Bee and Naruto hit the ground. Scene shows Bee and Naruto nodding to each other as Bee makes a lightning clone of Naruto and Naruto rushes into some brush.*
Kurama: You don’t get it. You’re a novice when it comes to seals. There is something wrong with the seal on Sasuke.
Naruto: What do you mean?
Kurama: The energy is fluctuating…. and not in a good way.
Naruto: What do you mean?
Kurama: Earlier, with the two of us, when we have a convergences, you’re tails would grow in numerical order.
Naruto: Yeah, so…
Kurama: You only see one tail, right?
Naruto: Yeah.
Kurama: I feel 5… now 4… now 7… now 1.
Naruto: I still don’t understand.
Kurama: The chakra flow is not even. It means at any moment, the juubi could take over Sasuke…. and he’d be gone forever.
Naruto: What do I do?
Kurama: At this current level, there is only one thing to do.
Naruto: What’s that?
*Scene switches back to Sasuke, who is now in a black chakra cloak. Sasuke roars at Bee, and Bee is sent flying backwards. Scene switches back to Naruto.*
Kurama: Such power… and only 4, no 6 tails.
Naruto: I only see 4.
Kurama: It’s all about the chakra flow.
*Scene switches back to Sasuke, and a small dart hits him on the neck. Sasuke grabs at his neck, pulling the dart out. Sasuke slowly reverts back to his normal state. Scene switches to Kabuto.*
Kabuto: Dammit Sasuke. Don’t go and screw things up.
*Scene switches to Madara.*
Madara: KABUTO!!!!!
*Madara leaps into the direction where Kabuto was at and swings his fan with all of his might. Trees are blown away, clearing the landscape for 5 visible miles.*
Madara: Where are you, you slithering snake?!
*Scene switches to Sasuke as he is about to faint off of the tree branch he was on.*
Sasuke mumbling: What the…
*Sasuke falls from the branch. Kabuto jumps up from under the ground, rushing to Sasuke as he falls. At the last moment, we see a lightning dragon miss it’s mark as Kabuto evades at the last moment.*
Kabuto: Kakashi… you would be wise to stay out of this.
Kakashi: You know I can’t allow that.
*The scene switches to Madara, who notices Kabuto jump up from underground, running to Sasuke.*
Madara: Not so fa…
*Scene shows Ei in his raiton armor kicking Madara in the face, sending him flying.*
Ei: Time for round 2, bitch!
*Scene switches back to Kabuto who is now surrounded by the rest of the attack division.*
Kabuto: It appears I am outnumbered… but who has the advantage here?!
*All of a sudden a huge explosion occurs and we see a crater where Kabuto was standing. Scene switches to Sasuke in his full Susanoo.*
Sasuke: You will die, you bitch.
*Kabuto appears behind Sasuke.*
Kabuto: You missed again Sasuke
*Ei flickers over to Sasuke, attempting a roundhouse kick, which is blocked by Susanoo.*
Sasuke: Be original!
*Sasuke’s Susanoo grabs Ei’s leg and flings him into the remaining attack division, knocking everyone down. Scene focuses on Killer Bee who is in full Gyuuki form now.*
Bee roars: I’m your opponent, emo-biyatch!
*Sasuke sniggers at Bee.*
Sasuke: What a fool!
*Bees swings one of his tails at Sasuke which is caught. He then swings two more, which are caught. Sasuke’s Susanoo then picks up Bee and tosses him in Madara’s direction.*
Sasuke: Don’t think I had forgotten about you, Madara.
*Kabuto sneaks in and hits Sasuke square in his back. Sasuke turns and looks at Kabuto with a smirk.*
Sasuke: To think that you managed to get inside my Susanoo. You truly have surpassed Orochimaru in abilities. But let me show you the strength of an Uchiha, who holds the power of the juubi.
*Sasuke grabs Kabuto’s fist, tosses him in the air, and shoots an Amerterasu arrow at him. Kabuto is smiling the entire time.*
Kabuto: I have what I need now… go ahead and let the juubi have your body, you dumb fuck Uchiha.
*Kabuto’s body is hit by the arrow, and as it falls, the body melts away. Scene switches to Madara as Naruto walks up behind him. Madara stands up slowly.*
Madara: I was hoping to end all of this in a sentimental place for you and them.
*Madara nods off to the other shinobi. He turns and looks over his shoulder at the VotE.*
Madara: What do you say?
Naruto: We do this here and now!
*Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode.*
Madara: So be it.
*Madara reverts his rinnegan back to EMS and becomes encased in his full Susanoo. Madara’s Susanoo is holding two axes, a shield and a sword engulfed in an Amerterasu flame.*
Madara: Can you repeat the same result this time, kyuubi boy!!!!
*Madara leaps towards Naruto, swinging both axes down on his position. In a flash, Naruto is behind Madara holding a FRS. Madara swings the Amerterasu blade at Naruto, causing him to jump up in the air. All of a sudden Naruto is hit with an arrow from Sasuke’s Susanoo, causing a huge explosion.*
Sasuke: He’s mine Madara!!!!
*Scene shows Naruto falling from the sky, flipping all of a sudden to land on his feet.*
Naruto: It’s going to take more than that Sasuke!!!!
*Madara jumps at Sasuke and swings his two axes horizontally, crossing, causing Sasuke to duck and roll to evade the attack. Sasuke comes up and shoots another arrow at Madara. Madara blocks it with his shield. All of a sudden Madara is knocked forward by an attack from the back. Scene shows Bee in Gyuuki form.*
Bee in thought: I’ve only got so many in me…
Gyuuki panting: I …. know… but we… must keep… going.
*Naruto flashes over to Bee.*
Naruto: How ya feeling?
Bee: Like shit… that dark chakra took a lot out of us. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
*The scene shows where Madara threw both of his axes, cutting off several tails of Gyuuki. Sasuke jumps up and lands on Madara’s back, getting Madara’s Susanoo in a rear naked choke hold.*
Naruto: We’ve got to get you out of here.
*Madara tosses Sasuke over by Naruto and Bee.*
Madara: You fool… Susanoo does not breathe. That won’t work unless you’re choking me.
*Madara bull rushes Sasuke and starts striking away at his Susanoo.*
*Sasuke’s Susanoo begins to fade away. Just as Madara is about to land a blow on Sasuke…*
Naruto: Fuuton Senjutsu Rasenshuriken!
*Naruto fires a FSRS at Madara’s Susanoo, decapitating the arm that was about to strike Sasuke.*
Madara: You both will die by my hands… you just want to be first, don’t you?!
*Madara begins to rush at Naruto. Naruto holds out his palm.*
Naruto: Bijuu… dama.
*Naruto fires off a bijuu bomb at Madara. Madara at the last second puts up his shield to protect him. A massive explosion occurs. Scene switches back to Konoha.*
Gaara: To be able to see that power… and from this distance.
*Scene switches back to Madara, with his Susanoo obliterated.*
Gyuuki to Kurama: This isn’t good.
*Scene switches over to Sasuke yelling.*
Sasuke in thought: I’m still not powerful enough!!!!!
Kurama to Naruto: We need to stop this. The juubi is about to take over.
*Sasuke is fully enveloped in the juubi’s chakra with 5 tails already.*
Naruto: Bee, get everyone back to Konoha.
Bee: No, I’m here with you to the end.
Naruto turns to Bee: I need you to take everyone back and prepare for Madara and Sasuke.
Gyuuki to Bee: Just do what he says Bee. The juubi is too powerful for myself and Kurama.
Bee: Who the fuck is Kurama?!
Gyuuki: The kyuubi.
Bee: Fine Naruto… just make sure we see your ass again.
*Bee in Gyuuki form flickers to everyone else and heads to base camp.*
Inoichi: Naruto….
Naruto: What?!
Inoichi: What is going on?
Ao: Bee-sama is on his way here, with everyone else.
*Inoichi looks at Ao stunned.*
Shikamaru: What the hell are you doing Naruto?
*Bee shows up at base camp.*
Bee: Everyone, hop on board.
Tsunade: Why?!
*Bee shows Tsunade Ei and the rest of the attack division.*
Bee: Naruto is the only one at 100% right now. We need to regroup at Konoha.
*Bee grabs Tsunade and Shikamaru as everyone else has already jumped on him, and he heads back to Konoha. Scene switches back to Naruto and Sasuke.*
Kurama: You know what you must do. It’s the only way to save them from the Juubi!
Naruto: Dammit!
*Naruto does several handsigns. The panel focuses out and shows the Shinigami behind Naruto.*

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