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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A Deal with Death

*Scene opens up with the shinobi alliance army traveling by foot through a forest. Panel focuses on the Kages.*
Ei: So what is our plan now, Shikaku?
Shikaku: Well, we’ve been traveling now for more than 5 days, with no word or sight of Madara or the Juubi.
Oonoki: And that is what disturbs me the most.
Ei: It is disturbing, but…
*Ei looks back at the younger generation following them.*
Ei: For once, even I have hope.
Gaara: So how are we going to handle the juubi, Tsunade-sama?
Tsunade: The shinigami jutsu was my solution, but seeing Naruto not be able to defeat the Juubi, even I am having my doubts now.
*Kakashi flickers up to the kage’s group.*
Kakashi: I have been thinking Tsunade-sama…
Tsunade: Yeah?
Kakashi: The shinigami… it’s a summoning technique, correct?
*Tsunade stops in her tracks.*
Tsunade: Well, I’ve never researched it. Only two men have used that jutsu, Sandaime and Yondaime.
Shikaku: But from what is known, Minato-sama learned the jutsu from the Uzumaki.
*Kakashi flickers back to Karin and Juugo as they are marching in line with everyone else.*
Kakashi: What do you know about your clan’s past?
Karin: What do you mean?
Kakashi: Ibiki told me that he was able to confirm from your subconsciousness that you are an Uzumaki. Can you remember anything, anything al all?
Juugo: Uzumaki… that reminds me of an old bedtime story.
Kakashi: If you remember anything at all, let me know. It could help us defeat Madara and the juubi.
*Kakashi flickers back, Juugo starts to hum a tune.*
Karin: What is that?
Juugo: An old bedtime song from some birds.
Karin: Really?! It’s very pretty.
Juugo: It was very calming. It was about a mystical figure… I think her name was Miyoto or Miyashi Uzumaki, can’t remember which one.
*Scene switches to Madara standing atop the wall of Sunagakure.*
Madara: The bastards, they’ve all left.
*A loud crash is heard. Madara turns around to see the juubi.*
Juubi: Are you ready?
Madara: For what?
*The juubi does a handsign and starts to swirl into Madara’s mouth. A huge windstorm is created, sending a huge dust could in every direction. Scene zooms in on Madara’s face, showing his new eyes with the mixure or the rinnegan and the sharigan.*
Madara: I see now. You’re right, we had better destroy him first. That will destroy any hope left.
*Scene switches the alliance as they have set up camp for the night. Panel focuses on a meeting between the Kages and their immediate subordinates.*
Shikaku: I recommend that this is where we set up base camp.
Oonoki: And why is that? We’re only two days away from Iwagakure.
Shikaku: Hence why we make here base camp. Konoha and Kumo have already been destroyed. We haven’t had any word from Suna, which hopefully means they’ve fully evacuated. We can’t lose any more major villages. That’s why we left Kiri.
Mei: I agree.
Gaara: Me, too. Are you ready Oonoki-sama, to see your village destroyed? Raikage and Hokage-sama have each seen that.
*Sasuke walks in on the meeting.*
Sasuke: Unless we stop him here and soon, Madara will wipe out all of the villages.
Oonoki: You’ve had the most dealings with him lately, what do you suggest?
Sasuke: I have one jutsu that I haven’t used in a while.
*Scene switches to the shinigami’s dimension, showing Naruto again in ragged clothing, getting kicked, punched, and burnt by numerous jutsus from the hokages.*
Naruto panting: I could barely handle them with Kurama’s help. I can’t do it without him.
*Hashirama scowls at Naruto and slaps the ground, sending three huge wooden spikes towards Naruto. Naruto crushes two of the spikes with rasengans, but the third spike hits him square in the chest, knocking him back on his back.*
Hashirama: Get up!
*Naruto rolls over onto his knees.*
Hashirama: Get up!
*Minato comes crashing down on Naruto with a rasengan to his back. The next panel shows Naruto lying in a huge crater, face down.*
Minato: Uzumaki Naruto… Son… Get UP!!!!
*Naruto pushes himself up, with a visible aura surrounding him.*
Tobirama: Finally.
*Naruto flashes behind Tobirama, hitting him with a straight punch square in between his shoulders, sending him flying. He then flashes to Sarutobi, nailing his with a roundhouse kick to the side of the face, knocking him several feet. He then flashes to Hashirama, and hits him square in the gut with a senjutsu infused rasengan, sending him flying back to where you can’t see him. He then flashes in front of Minato, who has a smile on his face, and Naruto clocks him a backhanded punch. Naruto stands there panting. He gets in a defensive stance.*
Naruto yells: How was that?!
*Suddenly, once again, three wooden spikes come flying at Naruto. This time Naruto grabs a kunai, charges it with fuuton chakra, and tosses it at the source of the spikes. The kunai splits the center spike and continues on its trajectory to the source. Sarutobi then jumps near Naruto and summones and earth dome to cover Naruto. All of sudden you see the dome crumble, cut in smooth pieces. Naruto is seen standing with a kunai in his hand. He then flashes to the middle of the wooden spikes and cuts them in half, stopping the spikes. Then you hear a cringe. The shinigami appears, and Hashirama is seen walking back to the group now.*
Shinigami: You’ve passed the 2nd stage. Now time for the final training.
Hashirama: Are you sure about that?
Shinigami: Do not question me human.
*Tobirama walks up to Naruto and puts his hand on his shoulder. A blue aura is seen moving from Tobirama to Naruto.*
Tobirama: Well done Naruto.
*Sarutobi is the next to walk up to Naruto. He puts his hand on Naruto’s shoulder, and a brown aura is seen moving from Sarutobi to Naruto.*
*Hashirama stands before Naruto.*
Hashirama: Your will of fire is unmatched. It is said that the wind feeds the fire. May your wind magnify their fire.
*Minato then stands before Naruto.*
Minato as he ruffles Naruto’s hair: I always wanted to do this to my son.
Naruto: Dad… thanks.
Shinigami: I will let you four rest. This is something that we must do.
*Naruto and the shinigami disappear from the quartet of Hokages.*
Hashirama: You should be proud Minato.
Minato: I am.
Minato in thought: He’s surpassed us all. But is it enough?
*Scene switches to the alliance’s base camp at twilight. We see the girls under one tent.*
Temari: So what do you think Sasuke has planned?
Ino: I don’t know.
*Both look at Sakura.*
Sakura: Don’t look at me.
Temari: Go find out.
*Sakura leaves to tent while the other girls stay put. Panel focuses on Hinata, smiling.*
Tenten: You ok, Hinata?
Hinata: Yeah.
Ino: Whatcha thinking about.
Hinata: Naruto-kun.
Ino: Aww, that’s sweet.
Tenten: Yeah, we heard that he was quite “the man”.
*Hinata blushes.*
Hinata: I swear we didn’t do that.
Ino: Then what did he do to make you holla?
*Hinata whispers in Ino’s ear.*
Ino: OMG!!!!
Tenten: What is it?
Temari: Yeah, tell us.
Ino: Oh, you want to know so you can back to Shikamaru with the idea.
*Temari blushes.*
Ino: I promise not to tell Hinata, not unless you want me to.
Hinata: Thank you, Ino-san.
*Scene is switches to a tent with Sasuke, Kakashi, Shikamaru, and Juugo.*
Sasuke: That’s what I’ll need you to do Juugo.
Juugo: Ok.
Kakashi: So you think this will work Sasuke?
*Sasuke looks at Shikamaru.*
Sasuke: He’s our strategist, ask him.
Shikamaru: It’s plausible, except for one condition. The juubi.
*Shikaku enters the tent.*
Shikaku: That’s why I summoned backups.
*The scene shows the entire Nara clan outside of the tent. The scene then switches to Madara walking through the woods.*
Madara: The poor bastards won’t know what hit them.
Juubi to Madara: No… not that. Leave the sentries. Go straight after him.
*The scene switches back to the base camp, with the majority of everyone asleep. But a pair of eyes are seen in the darkness. The pair of Sharigan look out into the forest.*
Sasuke: It looks like this ends here, eh… Uchiha Madara!

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