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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


*Scene opens focusing on Sasuke staring out in a direction. Next panel shows Madara.*
Madara: So he knows I’m here?!
Juubi: Take him out now!
Madara: I do have one question. Are you scared of Sasuke, because if you are, you should be scared of me. I’m more powerful than he is.
Juubi: Just take him out.
*Madara grabs his fan.
Madara: I haven’t done this one in a while. Fuuton-Tornado!
*Madara swings his fan with all his might, adding wind chakra to the swing and twisting the fan. A small tornado emerges and starts to rampage the camp. Fodders wake up and try to secure down supplies at the tornado picks up some and flings them out of the camp.*
Sasuke: It begins.
*Sasuke flickers out from under his tent over to a clearing in a field.*
Sasuke: Let’s end this Madara.
*Scene switches back to Madara.*
Juubi: Why didn’t you kill him?
Madara: I want to have a little fun first.
Juubi: I grow tired of you.
*The scene switches to Madara’s subconscious, and shows the juubi summoning a cage and locking Madara in it.*
Juubi: I’m in charge now.
*Scene switches back on Madara’s body. Madara looks over to the field and flickers over there, instantly showing in front of Sasuke and nailing him with a side kick to the gut, followed by a knee to the forehead, sending Sasuke flying backwards. Madara leaps into the air as the ground beneath him crumbles. As Madara is in the air, he looks to his left, seeing Sakura. He looks to his right and sees that doton users have encased the tornado in an earth dome, nullifying it.*
Madara as he lands: This is why I’m in charge now.
Madara slams his hand on the ground: Kuchiyose – Everlasting Forest!
*Trees sprout up everything, tossing the base camp into disarray. Scene switches to Kakashi.*
Kakashi: NOW!
*Every single katon user now casts a fire jutsu, ranging from fireballs, spews of flames, or flaming walls. Every single raiton user that can use long distance raiton jutsu is using the jutsus to destroy the forest by catching it on fire.*
Sasuke in thought: This is going to speed things up.
*As the alliance army encircles Madara, the 5 Kages land in between Madara and Sasuke.*
Madara: I’m guessing you didn’t learn your lesson last time? Things have changed. I won’t be so nice this time.
Ei: We’ll see about that.
Madara: Indeed, we will.
*Madara stares at Oonoki with his new eyes, the sharinnegan, and immediately Oonoki falls over. The rest of the Kages are shocked. Medical shinobi run to Oonoki and pull him out of the battle.*
Madara: Do not worry… yet. But your efforts are futile.
*Ei charges up his raiton armor. Before he is completely charged up, Madara flickers to Ei, punching him in his gut, bending him over. Madara then swings his leg over and does an axe kick to the back of Ei’s neck, sending him crashing to the ground. This is all done in an instand and Madara flickers back to his starting position.*
Sasuke in thought: Amazing. No one else saw that but me.
*Kakashi is seen from a distance.*
Kakashi: AGAIN!
*A bombardment of shuriken and kunai are flying towards Madara now. Some even connect with Madara, and he just stands there. Soon, every weapon that was thrown explodes. The three remaining kages must brace themselves to stand their ground. Once the smoke and dust clear, Madara is seen standing and laughing. Scene switches to Darui and Shikamaru.*
Darui: Unbelievable.
Shikamaru: That’s got to be the power of the juubi. Even Naruto would have some type of scratch on him.
*Scene switches back to Madara. He holds out his palm. A ball of energy is forming that is the size of an eyeball. Scene switches to Shikaku.*
Shikaku: Oh shit!
Madara smirking: Bijuu-dama.
*Madara fires the jutsu that travels between Tsunade and Gaara right towards Sasuke, just as it is about to reach Sasuke, it expands. Sasuke sets up his Susanoo at the last moment for protection. A bright light is seen, and then it vanishes all of sudden. Scene switches to Kakashi, on both knees panting.*
Kakashi: Damn, that was close.
*Sasuke still in his Susanoo form walks forward to Madara. Madara switches to his Susanoo form.*
Madara: That’s right Sasuke. Come meet your death like a truth Uchiha. But first, let me show you a portion of my power.
*Madara enfuses his Susanoo with the juubi’s chakra, sending a shockwave that blows everyone away by a hundred feet. Sasuke is the only one still standing. Sasuke shoots several amerterasu arrows at Madara’s Susanoo. Madara just absorbs the arrows, and his new Susanoo is engulfed in amerterasu flames.*
Madara: You can’t harm me, you na´ve brat! Your kages are no match for me. You are no match for me
*Sasuke shoots one amerterasu arrow up into the sky that can be seen in front of the full moon. Scene switches to KillerBee.*
Bee: That’s our signal Eight-o.
Gyuuki: Let’s do it Bee…. for Naruto.
*Scene shows Bee going full Bijuu mode and flickering to base camp. Might Gai goes into the 7th gate instantly.*
Madara: I admire your fight, no matter how futile it is for you.
*Gai hits Madara with the Morning Peacock attack, lighting up the night sky. Madara takes a step back to brace from the attack, and is then hit in the back by a bijuu bomb from Bee. As Madara stumbles forward a small bit, he is then hit with Gai’s Afternoon Tiger attack. Scene switches to Shikamaru.*
Shikamaru: Sure that did something.
*Scene switches back to Madara, now out of his Susanoo form. He smirks, then flickers over to Gai’s location, grabbing him by the throat.*
Madara: Well done, for a piece of trash.
*Madara throws Gai away, with him tumbling on the ground. Tsunade rushes to Gai to try to heal his wounds. Bee tries another bijuu bomb, which Madara turns around and catches in his palm. He throws it back at Bee, and it connects, sending Bee flying back. Sasuke looks on terrified.*
Sasuke yells: NOW!!!!
*Scene switches to the shinigami dimension. Naruto and the shinigami are seen walking together.*
Naruto: Where are we going?
Shinigami: Do you know anything about your history?
Naruto: Yeah, I know all about the younger and elder sons.
Shinigami: I mean before that.
*Naruto stops in his footsteps.*
Naruto: What are you going to tell me about Miyashi?
Shinigami: So you know of her?
Naruto: Yeah, so…
Shinigami: You are completely ignorant, aren’t you? Can’t say I didn’t expect this. Uzumaki Miyashi was quite the woman. And to think, he ended up with her. You are the key to this war. You must learn how to harness your powers. You have no idea how powerful you are. Neither does that Sasuke boy.
Naruto: What about Sasuke?
Shinigami: There are powers here at play here, that far out-weigh the juubi. He’s nothing but a puppet, an abomination.
Naruto: So what’s this training? Will it help me defeat the juubi and Madara.
Shinigami: So now you realize, he has no chance against them.
*There is a pause.*
Shinigami: Yes, it should help you defeat the juubi and Madara, depending on if and how you harness your true strength.
Naruto: What do you mean true strength?
Shinigami: Naruto, there is a reason why the Uzumaki are known for their lifespans.
*Naruto looks puzzled.*
Shinigami: The rikudo sennin was a monk, before he met her. She changed him.
Naruto: Into what?
Shinigami: The first man to rival the gods. After all, he defeated the juubi. And the juubi is nothing more than a pet of a god.
Naruto in thought: So that means…
Shinigami: Yes, you have a small portion of a god’s power in you as well.
Naruto: But how does this all relate to Miyashi and RS?
Shinigami: She was the daughter of Jurojin.
Naruto: Who???
Shinigami: She was once a god, albeit a lower god, and she choose a human. RS had to learn to fight, to protect her and himself. And once he bested the juubi, Amatsu’s lapdog.
Naruto: And how do you know all of this?
Shinigami: That is of little importance to you now. All will be revealed in due time.
*The shinigami snaps his fingers, and a huge scroll appears and unravels itself before Naruto.*
Shinigami: We’re going to make a contract, Naruto…
Naruto: Why?
Shinigami: Because you need me, and believe it or not, I need you. The next time you summon me, I will not keep you trapped here.
Naruto: Just who are you?
Shinigami: You will know when the time comes. Now sign it.
*Naruto looks at the scroll.*
Naruto: How do I sign it?
Shinigami: This is not a blood contract, it is a sould contract.
*Naruto does a handsign and a character shows on the contract, next to another character.*
Naruto: Who’s is that.
Shinigami: RS. Just like you, he did this to save those who he loved.
Naruto: And he was no longer heard from.
Shinigami: He served his purpose, and died happily.
Naruto defiantly: Fine!
Shinigami: Now for your training. As I said you must harness your power, your dormant power. Your friends will help you.
Naruto: So this is it?
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