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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The shinigami and Naruto appear before the hokages again.*
Shinigami: I am not without remorse, Naruto. Because you have signed the contract, I will let them go.
Minato: And where are we going?
Shinigami: You to be Kushina. *looks at Tobirama* You to be with Mikoto. *looks at Sarutobi* You to be with your family. *looks at Hashirama* And you to be with Mito.
*Tobirama walks up to Naruto and takes his helmet off, handing it to Naruto.*
Tobirama: Thank you Naruto.
*He fades away. Sarutobi walks up to Naruto with a scroll.*
Sarutobi: Will you give this to Konohamaru for me?
Naruto: Aye.
*Sarutobi fades away. Hashirama walks up to Naruto, removing his battle armor and handing it to Naruto.*
Hashirama: May this armor suit you better than it did me.
*Hashirama fades away. It’s just Minato and Naruto.*
Minato: So…
Naruto: Give mom my best.
Minato smiles: I will. I see you already have my cloak.
*Minato reach inside his cloak and pulls out a piece of paper. He looks at the shinigami, who nods. Minato hands the piece of paper to Naruto.*
Minato: I knew you were the one. I always knew it. Once you’ve defeated the juubi, these are coordinates that will hopefully explain a lot.
*Minato fades away.*
Naruto: So… I guess I’m your knight then?
Shinigami: More like a general. Till next time.
*The shinigami waves his hand and Naruto fades away. Naruto appears on top of the Hokage mountain, standing on Godaime’s head. The panel shows Naruto with Tobirama’s helmet on, Hashirama’s armor on, all underneath Minato’s cloak. Naruto enters Kurama sage mode,(which is now a clear aura including the previous armor plates which now extend to the backside of his hands and onto his feet) and senses the juubi.*
Naruto: So that’s where you are?
*Scene switches to the battlefield, showing Bee down, the Kages who aren’t knocked out are trying to support the troops, Kakashi is knocked out, Tsunade is tending to Gai. An aerial shot shows several shinobi encircling Madara and Sasuke. Sasuke is on one knee, both he and Madara no longer in their Susanoo forms.*
Sasuke yells: NOW!
*All of the shinobi who encircled Sasuke and Madara were Nara clan members and they trap Madara with their shadow binding technique. Thunder claps up in the sky, as clouds have formed.*
Sasuke with a grin: It ends here Madara! KIRINNNNNNNNN!
*At that instant, hundereds of lightning bolts converge on Madara’s location, causing a bright flash. Everyone shields their eyes. Once their eyes return to normal….*
Madara: That would have made Raijin proud. But it’s still not enough.
Sasuke yells: Keep him still.
*Madara looks at all of the Nara clan members.*
Madara: You think you can hold me!
*Sweat is seen dripping from every Nara clan member.*
Shikamaru in thought: We can’t hold this much longer Sasuke.
*Madara takes a step forward, breaking every single shadow bind.*
Madara: Time for you to die.
*Madara once again holds up his palm and creates a small, condensed bijuu bomb and send it after Sasuke. It expands before it hits Sasuke and a bright light explodes, but there is no explosion. As the light fades, Madara has a shocked look on his face. Sasuke, who is now on both knees looks up at the figure in front of him.*
Sasuke before he collapses over: Impossible.
*Scene shows Naruto holding the bijuu bomb in his palm, in a clear aura field. Naruto throws the bomb up in the air, and it explodes once he releases the aura.*
Naruto yells: Time for round 2!

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