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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A Saviour Reborn, A Sinner Redeemed

*Scene opens with a split panel, one side showing Madara with his new eyes, the other side showing Naruto in his new look. Scene focuses on a fodder shinobi running up to Tsunade.
Fodder: Hokage-sama! We need to clear this area.
Tsunade: By whose order.
Fodder: Naruto-sama!
*Scene focuses on Tsunade’s shocked face. Then there is a flashback scene showing Naruto doing the tajuu kage bunshin no jutsu. Different panels show the clones gathering the injured and maligned and flashing them out of the area.*
Tsunade: How is that possible?
*Scene shows Sakura and Hinata running to the medic tent that Tsunade is in.*
Sakura: Tsunade-sama, have you heard?
Hinata: Where is he?
*The fodder points back to the battlefield.*
Fodder: He’s ordered everyone to leave from here.
Tsunade: You… get some more medics and move Gai to a secure location. Gather Kazekage and Mizukage here. We can still beat him.
*The fodder ninja disappears, as all three ladies rush to see the battlefield. Scene switches to Naruto standing in front of Sasuke, shielding him, while a clone heals him and gives him chakra. Sasuke gathers his energy and is able to make it up to one knee.*
Sasuke: How… How are you here?
Naruto: That doesn’t matter right now.
Sasuke: Bullshit! I saw your soul being taken by that… that thing.
Naruto: Are you going to keep yapping, or are you going to fight?
*Sasuke comes to his senses. He stands up and walks up next to Naruto. He looks over Naruto.*
Sasuke: Nice gear, scaredy cat!
Naruto grins: They were gifts from some important people.
Sasuke: None of my attacks work on him, and he’s too fast for me.
Naruto: But you can follow him with your eyes?
Sasuke: Aye.
Naruto: And what about genjutsu?
Sasuke: He’s a jinchuuriki now. Won’t work unless he submits to it.
Naruto: Then watch my back. And keep everyone away from us.
Sasuke: Everyone?
Naruto: Everyone. And Sasuke…
Sasuke: Yeah….
Naruto: Thanks for making Sakura happy.
Sasuke: How’d you…
*Naruto smiles as he flashes over to with striking distance of Madara.*
Sasuke: How the eff…
Naruto: We end this here.
Madara: So be it.
*Madara flickers over to Naruto and tries a thrust kick to Naruto’s chest. Naruto takes the blow and doesn’t flinch an inch. Madara put so much force into the kick, he actually pushes himself back from Naruto.*
Naruto: I know who you are.
Madara: Really?!
Naruto: Not you, the juubi.
*Madara gets a serious look.*
Madara: And who am I?
Naruto: Does the name Amatsu ring a bell?
Madara: Why you little!!!!!!
*Madara instantly goes full juubi mode. He grows three horns in his head, one on each temple with another coming out the middle of his forehead. He grows an extra set of arms. He has four long tentacle-like tails coming out right above his butt. He has black armor all over his body. His teeth become pointed like a demon. The only thing that remains the same is his eyes.*
Naruto: Wow… no wonder your entire clan went against you.
*Naruto takes out a kunai and throws it Madara. It sinks about two inches into Madara’s chest area. Madara pushes it out with his dark chakra.*
Madara: That all you got?
Naruto: No.
*Naruto grabs another kunai and charges it with wind chakra. He throws it at Madara. Madara tries to block it with a chakra shield in one hand, but it goes right throw the shield and Madara. Naruto flashes to the other side, catching the kunai and throwing it back at Madara. He repeats this process for about 200 throws, all done in the span of about 20 seconds.*
Sasuke: Unbelievable! What speed! But it’s not doing anything Naruto.
*Panels show the juubi’s dark chakra healing Madara’s body after each kunai. Naruto flashes over to Sasuke.*
Sasuke: What was all that for? He just healed himself after each throw.
Naruto: Think about it Sasuke. But are you able to follow me?
Sasuke: Sort of. I can follow your chakra trail, but…
Naruto: And what about him?
*Sasuke looks at Madara.*
Sasuke: Yeah… You’re faster than him.
Naruto in thought: Good.
*Madara stands up straight and once again flickers over to Naruto and tries a back-handed punch to Naruto chin that connects again, but Naruto doesn’t move an inch.*
Madara: Stop playing with me, boy!
*Madara again flickers to Naruto, this time holding a bijuu bomb in his hand, striking at Naruto with it. A huge explosion occurs and a dust cloud is formed. Sasuke is kneeling down, with a close up on his face. His eyes are following Madara who is now trying roundhouse kicks, thrust kicks, side kicks, straight punches, crossovers, and double hammerfists on Naruto. The chakra form of Naruto is staying the same, while Madara’s is beginning to show signs of depletion. The dust settles and you see Naruto standing strong, with Madara panting.*
Madara yells: I HATE YOU!!!! How are you so much stronger than me?!
*The sky grows darker now, with Sasuke looking up at the clouds.*
Sasuke in thought: I get it now. And there’s only just enough up there.
*Sasuke holds his hand up to the sky while Naruto holds his palm up to Madara.*
Naruto: Go back to Amatsu, and tell him that Uzumaki Naruto is here!
*Sasuke crashes down a Kirin onto Madara, freezing him for a moment. The aura around Naruto is now beginning to pulse. The ground around him shakes, yet grass and flowers are growing.*
Naruto: Fuuton Senjutsu Rasen Shuriken!
*Naruto fires the small condensed shuriken at Madara while his is paralyzed by Kirin. Just as the jutsu hits Madara, it expands, annihilating everything within its blast radius. A mighty wind blows across the field, instantly blowing away all the dust, clearing the view of the battlefield. All that is left of the area where Madara is standing is a huge crater. Sasuke walks up to Naruto.*
Sasuke: You win.
Naruto: I’m not quite so sure.
*Scene switches to a mountain top off in the distance. Two figure are scene sitting on the edge of the cliff.*
Figure A: Beautiful! Just beautiful!
Figure B: Aye. Think they’ll be up to the challenge?
Figure A: Well, knowing who is in their corner, they have a shot now.
Figure B: That wind was a nice touch, Fujin.
Fujin: Thanks, Raijin.
*Scene switches back to Naruto and Sasuke on the field.*
Sasuke: So where is everybody?
Naruto: I took most of them to Iwagakure. Hopefully the others are headed there.
Sasuke: How did you come back? What happened to you?
*Naruto turns to Sasuke. He takes of his helmet.*
Naruto: I lived it, and I don’t believe it, so I doubt you will too.
Sasuke: Try me.
*Panel zooms out showing the two walking to the direction of Iwagakure. Scene switches to Iwa, showing the alliance army rushing about, making sure everyone who needs medical attention has it.*
Tsunade: We must take care of everyone and prepare to go back to support Naruto and Sasuke.
Sakura: Aye!
Gaara: Should we send a recon team?
Mei: That would be wise.
*Oonoki stirs in his bed, while Ei lays unconscious. A horn is sounded. Kitsuchi rushes into the tents.*
Kitsuchi: Hokage-sama, Mizukage-sama, Kazekage-sama, we have reports from a sentry.
*All three kages rush out of the tent as Sakura takes over the medic duties. The three runs up to Iwa’s gates.*
Tsunade: What news?
Sentry: We don’t know the outcome. Once the sky darkened and there was a huge explosion, we left. After a mighty wind nearly knocked us over on our way to here, we high-tailed it to here.
Gaara: What about Sasuke? Or Naruto?
*The sentry looks down.*
Sentry: I’ve never departed from a post early until now. I apologize.
Kitsuchi: Given the circumstances, I’ll tolerate it this time.
*Kitsuchi turns to Tsunade.*
Kitsuchi: So what now?
Voice from down the walkway into Iwa: How ‘bout some ramen?!!!
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