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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

Originally Posted by MrBIG View Post
Kishi can' win. He wrote himself into a corner.

If he explains how these combinations of justsus work, people will complain that in a life and death situation like this, there's no time for that shit.

If he doesn't explain anything, people will complain that he's just making shit up as he goes and that the manga doesn't make sense.

He could of avoided this by doing character development prior to the fight, not during.

All the stuff we learned about tobirama hit most of us like a wall while the explanation of how Naruto and father were able to teleport everyone away seemed like wasted panels.
I think if you're this far into the story where there is a lot of shit going on then explain how techniques work would be stupid. I understand the fans (for this series in particular) need to have things like techniques and strategies explained in detail but that's something that's better left for databooks to explain. Plot progression would move along quite smoothly and story development would be that much better appreciated because we wouldn't be dragged back by everything little detail going on.

One Piece (for example) does an excellent job in this department. When random power-ups and techniques appear, Oda doesn't bother going into too much detail, at least not during critical times. This made memorable moments like the Water 7/Enies Lobby fights and Marineford War that much better.

Yu Yu Hakusho is another good example, the first half the series was much like Naruto in the sense that powers and techniques were explained but as the story got closer to the Dark Tournament minor details like that were minimized so that readers can enjoy the story more without any intermission that didn't deserve time apart to for certain plot events to be explained. Things like when Yusuke started getting demon powers did deserve time apart for an explanation which brought in a history lesson and tied the story better for that particular arc.

What this Naruto chapter did was literally a waste of pages. If they were going to take a break from the Minato/Tobirama/Naruto/Sasuke vs Obito fight it would probably make more sense to switch over to the Hashi/Madara fight or see what Orochimaru is up too, which can't be of any benefit for anyone else except for himself. That would be a more interesting intermission from the main fight.
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