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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
I have a theory exactly on that. I suspect it might have been Kinkaku and Ginkaku that did him in. That jug by my estimation can probably hold someone for a certain amount of time until they eventually die. Since the storage itself seems to incapacitate those who are sucked it, it would make sense that he would no longer be able to teleport out. As a result, he was trapped in there until his body was no longer able to support him. Then he just suddenly died. As for why no country claimed any jutsu from him after he was killed, it was because the brothers shortly thereafter were also killed. As a result, the secrets of releasing those who were captured in the jug died with them thus forever sealing away the body of the second hokage. This is all theory of course but there is no exact time line for when those two existed so I can only assume that part of their legendary status came from capturing the second hokage.
Well we already know they almost killed the 2nd Hokage during their coup d'etat. So they later on finished the job?

Plus we know that the tools they use seals the body and soul. So if that's what did Tobirama in, he wouldnt be able to be revivied with edo tensei?

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