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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Except it doesn't seal the person's soul. It seals a "word soul". The Japanese hold a belief that words have souls which give them certain powers. The Rope/Sword combo steals the "word soul" of the word most used by a person.
It does do that, however they do seal the body/soul of the victim if they should either say the word which has been sealed in the gourd or if they fail to speak at all. Atsui and Samui were sealed in them by those methods. No way of really telling how the fuck they get saved. It is a moot point as Big said since Tobirama could not have been revived had his soul been fully sealed so eh.

For the debate of how the fuck Tobirama lost to Kinkaku and Ginkaku, we can't forget that they were both capable of going 6-tails...remember how 6-tails Naruto was fully capable of leveling a city? Yeah. That'd do it. He wouldn't have just warped away at the first opportunity given since the entire point of his going 1v20 balls to the wall was to buy the other 6 time to escape.

Also, I wouldn't really be surprised if, to some extent, he really did just let himself die. Killing the 2nd Hokage could well have been trophy enough for them to not bother even going for the other 6, which would have fulfilled the purpose Tobirama was aiming for.

Still doesn't make perfect sense but it's not like he couldn't have possibly lost.
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