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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

I mean 20 nins..from those 20 only two we know of. So the particulars to how he died are all to be assumed. Gin and Kin would of given him a serious fight though he still should of been able to move around them. The five tools of the sage....The fan would of made Tobimara's offense hard to reach. Tobirama's fav word seems to be Brother....sure he thought about his brother and his era being that Tobirama's was soon to end. We saw Pain have difficulty with a six tailed Naruto....Motherfucking of the power houses of this manga lol! Tobirama was going up against two of them with toys...For almost any kage level shinobi..that's fucking tough. Hell Naruto was getting side swiped by numbers of jinks in rage mode and he was in glow mode. (referring to Tobi's jink war against Bee and Naruto) Naruto is the fastest man alive (surpassing Raikage and his father is dead) and he was beaten like a rag doll. Speed is a factor but it doesn't make you invincible. Given the Sage's tools plus two raging jinks and 18 other hunters....that is tough shit to flush through.
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