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Re: One piece 719

It seems quite obvious that this is Oda's have so many names under one Country. Admirals, Vice Admirals,Marines, Cp0, Warlords, Dofla family crew and their henchmen


Sh's-Heart pirates alliance, dwarves-dwarf army, human-toys, humans, pirates,

It would seem that the alliance is weak compared. I have a feeling either one of the Govts agents will turn on the WG/Marines or somebody else is heading to Dressarosa to help the SH's. The power scale def does not favor SH and company. So it will come down to a power struggle and even a struggle over ruler of the kingdom when its all said and done. Dofla thinks he has planned everything out but he didn't think by the end of this skirmish he would sit without a crown or place to call his own. Doflas own vanity and self confidence will be his downfall. I think whom ever wins the Mera Mera fruit will help the alliance out.
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