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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

Originally Posted by Amuro View Post
I think tobirama was killed. Nothing special just bad timing. I have to reread the chapter but it was him, the 3rd hokage, danzo and some others. Those three right there are pretty strong and they sent 20 BOUNTY HUNTERS after them. Tobirama decided to lure them away. He NEEDED to do that. It's not like he said ill take care of this you guys go so you don't get caught up. It was more like shit I HAVE to do something. I'm assuming the BOUNTY HUNTERS had information in tobirama and his jutsu... We're reading naruto. It's not always black and white. It's been shown plenty of times that if someone has knowledge of your jutsu and plan around it, AND sneak up on you, anyone can kill anyone. That's how I see it. They knew who they were chasing and they killed him. Ino, shika, cho is a pretty hard team to beat if they plan for you just imagine 20 bounty hunters planning for you. 20 diff ninja, 20 diff abilities that can/will kill you. There from another village so there are/could be jutsu the 2nd has never seen. We also have to remember the second rite now is spamming and looking good because he has infinite chakra. We don't know anything about his limits, how many times he can do things or anything. Just a thought

That would be true if Tobirama hadn't created Edo Tensai nor the FTG. With those two jutsus, Tobi should have been able to stand up to anyone excluding Hashi and Madara.
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