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Re: Toriko 247

Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
This battle is going to be absurdly insane. Can't hardly wait to see everyone else's battles. Wonder why Jirou didn't accompany the Ichiryuu. Unless Ichiryuu wanted to cover all his bases and make sure someone just as powerful still remained behind to watch over the Four Heavenly Kings and continue their training.
I see on some Bleach-type Yamamoto vs Juha Bach type crap.
Ichiryuu thinks his failure previously will result in victory, but it won't happen.

As for Jirou, I think he's the weaker of the 3 brothers.
The strongest was Ichiryuu, the fav of Acacia/Frohze was Midora although he was the third pupil, and Jirou being the 2nd Pupil and probably weakest of the 3.

I'm not saying that Jirou is weak, it's just his disposition is quite different compared to his other two brothers.

As of right now, Toriko has the most insane power levels of any verse out there.
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