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Re: One piece 719

Originally Posted by CrustaceaN View Post
I still think the SH's are being majorly underestimated here. The M3 are still yet to go all out.

Homie you're talking about alot of power...yeah sure the Sh's alone have grown tremendously in the past two years...(this is even was Don was talking about) Being that this will turn into a Pirates vs Marines battle toward the end...I don't see Luffy just yet beating someone on Fujitora's level. We just saw Law beat Vice Admiral Vergo..and is up against the fence against Dofla. This arc pretty much sums up the current power levels of all the fighters. This will really test everyone's strength. Also I am not saying they won't succeed..I am saying someone will help them. I am thinking outside source or maybe even Fuji helps them out. What I am saying is it will come down to the bitter end and will take every bit of what they have to beat these douches. The main three....the most Luffy can do at this point is go full body armament hardening like Vergo...Zoro has yet to do anything but could use more moves...Sanji fought against Vergo and hurt his shin. Not only that but Luffy is fighting his ass off right now and depending on how long this draws out could be exhausted by the time the real fighting begins.

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