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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

I doubt a 20 man ambush would be enough to stop someone that created the shadow clone jutsu.

Plus considering god like chakra levels, Im guessing he could pull of the multi-clone jutsu just as well.

I think Tobirama could have been sick (think the rare virus Goku had during the android-saga) or severely injured prior to the ambush. It's probably something stupid like that.

Don't put that beyond Kishi, remember when Naruto broke his ankle after hitting a mountain to fast/hard?

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
How do you mean? It is a story about ninjas fighting other ninjas....though now it's a story about the world coming together to fight a few ninjas for a greater future. Any less ninjutsu and it would be a complete soap opera.
A lot of us appreciate some good taijutsu here and there.

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