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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Great chapter, Narutos doing his thang, but for all the fanning, please be aware that THE Uchiha, Sasuke has yet to truly begin. It's a given that Edo Madara, or Obito won't perish until Sasuke advances to Rinnengan, just saying.

On the 20 shinobi can kill anyone, I call bullshit. That's stupidly general, because were talking the Cloud Village specifically. If the 2nd Raikage, Ao, Killer Bee, Ginaku, and Kinaku, were at least some of the shinobi there, maybe we could talk, but that wasn't the case. Understand as great as Tobirama has been, he's the greatest water jutsu user in the whole manga, and he hasn't opened his mouth to produce a drop of water. He's also tha smartest shinobi currently on the battlefield,, and the only one the understood that Obito was negating all ninjutsu. I wonder how 20 combined on they're best day of life was equal to Ridoku Obito. Also since he supposedly perished on that day, Tobirama has learned nothing new since then, he's had everything from the current battle, except being an Edo. For those who want to add Omoi, or Darui, or any of those other Cloud Puppies, shut the freak up.
Yea I hear you but u know what's crazy? It happened. I said the rite 20 can kill anyone and it's true. The second got killed by 20 bounty hunters. I'm saying I can see that happening because of wat I said. That's all just speculating on how he got killed. There's no debating 20 shinobi offed him and like I said me personally I can see that happening

J_h I can see where your coming from he has done it before

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