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Re: Naruto_645_Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
: Minato quits being whinny and goes on the offensive after using the kyuubi's power to regenerate his arm or use a Kyuubi chakra arm as as his own.

: Sasuke with the power of the Yin/Yang Kyuubi power awakens the RG and the Juugo flesh and cells he has in his body re-awakening his CS/Sage mode powers due to the kyuubi's power being riddled with nature energy coming form the Juubi originally and the fact that Juugo's flesh naturally draws on nature energy causes the Kyuubi's power to activate the Juugo flesh and cells forming a new CS/SM.

: killer B sits around being useless as usual... while Hiruzen is busy taking an Another edo pee due to his old swollen colon... Thus hiruzen will never get to fight.

: Kakashi's Kyuubi cloak reawakens healing his wound and giving him the power to Kamui out of there.

: Madara and hashirama are starting to regenerate, but madara comes back quicker, takes advantage and absorbs hashirama in his weaken state to gain a body the same level of Juubito so he can use the tsuki no me without being a Juubi JINK.


Predict away!!
Bolded&cursive: wtf

Bolded: How, when he's in another freaking dimension.

Underlined: you must be on crack today. This ain't the fucking majin buu saga.
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