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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Power level of full power Kyuubi, creates a buddha the size of 10 Kyuubi's, revered by Madara Uchiha and is a god of the shinobi from the war area...
So far, so good.

Yet, can be killed by a simple kunai... SPpppppppppppppppppp *thumbs down* Minato wins!!!!
A kunai? Really! When has anybody but fodder ninjas been killed by kunai's in this manga.

Sorry, it takes minato already holding back from guilt
When did he hold back from guilt? Manga panels.

and having his kunai defense to fail against perfect Juubito level shinobi just to TOUCH him... thus hashirama is not going to touch him!!!
Juubito and Hashirama have 2 completely different jutsu lists. How can you paint them with such a broad brush as if the result would be the same.

On the topic of Minato's kunai failure, I was reminded of a very similar incident. Anybody remember when Team 7 (with Yamato and Sai substituted) had their first reunion with Sasuke!?!?!?
This is the right way to block the attack.

Oh, look. Let me use my kunai.
LOL, you're doing it wrong.

So in terms of tactical sensibility, I guess this means Sai>Yamato! Since Minato made the same flaw Yamato did, then Sai>Yamato. [rage]

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Minato does not have regeneration abilities. And needs a shinobi the level of current Juuito just to hit him with it lol...
Guess what? Hashirama DOES have regenerating abilities. Even greater then what Tsunade can do, and she's survived being impaled by tree trunks and being severed in half. So how is that little kunai going to kill him again.

Also I love how you think Minato will magically dodge all his wood jutsu, when he can form giant Bijuu sized Buddhas in a fraction of a second without much effort. you want to make this a battle of speed attacks. Lol, okay. Listen again closely. Fractions of a second.

Not to mention the wood techniques can appear from the very ground Minato walks on. I don't care how much he FTG's around the place. Eventually he'll run out of energy and stop. Then it's game over. That's what any good fight really comes down to in the end. Stamina and chakra. Minato barely had enough chakra to seal half the damn kyuubi with his own wife keeping it locked down for him. Hashirama keeps the kyuubi on a leash solo, and even said he has more chakra then Kyuubi, Minato, and his retarded ass son combined. That's okay though. Keep fapping towards your favorite character, and ignore reasoning altogether.

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Don't bother. KYF thinks Minato's dinky knives makes him invincible. This is the kid who said that the Flash, the fucking Flash, was too slow in comparison to Minato.
I had forgotten about that. Faster than the flash....hahaha.

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