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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

Originally Posted by MrBIG View Post
Nah, it was explicitly mentioned that Oro's edo tensei back then wasn't 100%.

"this time we were brought back to this world with almost our full power".
Your LINK did not work, but this is what I read from a much better translation. "you have indeed perfected edo tensai, but you have made it too efficient. You brought us back at virtually full strength..."


See, there is NO "THIS TIME" meaning that tobirama is referring to Oro's edo tensai in general which was perfected before the first time hashirama and tobirama were revived, thus they were brought back at full strength the first time as well too.
I mena, how does Oro perfect edo tensai even more while his jutsu is in the shiki fuujin, that is impossible.

It was a misconception.

The first wasn't strong enough to break away from oro's control during the Hiruzen fight. But now that he's back with practically his full strength, Oroshimaru can barely keep a hold on him.
Oro immediately put control Kunai inside of hashirama and tobirama almost immediately not giving them time to try to break free which he did nto do this time because he did not want to control them like last time. But, unleash them against madara.

thus why hashirama was not able to break free or tobirama talk about them being brought back at full strength pretty much.

Pretty sure any ninja in the narutoverse could kill themselves with a butter knife if they so chose to.
Harashima does in fact have healing abilities AT LEAST equal to those of Lady Tsunade:

Madara: "the same ability Harashima possesed"
The POINT is that hashirama's regeneration is clearly not near the level of tsunade's being able to be killed by a Kunai alone. So many have over estimated his regeneration saying it was the same level as tsunade's without any proof other then madara's statement "Hashirama can regenerate without making hand seals too".

Your LINK does not work and Madara did not say that hashirama had the same level of regeneration, just that he could regenerate without using hand seals like tsunade can. You are drawing too much from such an ambiguous statement which is proven wrong by the fact hashirama can be Killed by a simple Kunai, thus clearly doe snot have the same level of regeneration as tsunade who cannot even be killed by a susanoo sword stab.

working LINK

Furthermore, even Kabuto aknolwedges that Harashima strenght can't be compared; mentioning him in the same breath as the Sage of the sixth paths:
HYPE<<FEATS!!! What does it matter that kabuto has a hard on for hashirama while admitting he had no idea what madara was capable of in his prime yet actually stated that hashirama>madara just showing how stupid he can be so kabuto is not exactly a credible source to draw from...

If that's not enough proof for you, Tobi managed to give Minato hell and I think we can all agree he wasn't even close to Madara's or Harashima's level at the time.
Full zetsu body suit enhanced Tobito was beaten in a matter of second and even with the Kyuubi's assistance coupled with minato worrying about his son, wife and the village too.
And Tobito is just as strong if not stronger then hashirama or madara with his Kamui hax.

WHy? Hashirama has no way to stop tobito from sending him to the next dimension nor does madara because Kamui allows Tobito to walk right through perfect susanoo's defense as well as the buddha summon...

SO how can they stop something they cannot touch or avoid an attack like Kamui transfer with their level of speed. No way!

I understand Minato is you're favorite character and he is indeed strong, but your opinion of him is highly exaggerated and bias.
He is only one of a couple character I consider characters I even like, just like Itachi, SM naruto, BM naruto, Gated Gai, Neji, ect.

And how am I exaggerating the fact that speed>power when it comes to striking? And due to mInato's speed and the lack of from hashirama. Hashi has no way to even touch minato who was finally hit for the first time and ONLY by perfect Juubi JINK Obito while minato was already holding back from guilt plus a failed kunai defense.
And how is hashirama going to defend against speed he cannot even possibly track?
Coupled with the FACT all minato has to do is TOUCH hashirama and the fight is over because a Kunai is enough to kill him. How does Minato not beat hashirama realistically?

I do nto understand what is bias or exaggerated about this analysis of the two VS each other. Please explain to me becuase I do nto see it...

Frankly look at it this way, anything Minato does, Tobirama can do better. Yet Tobirama is considered distant third when he gets compared to Harashima and Madara.
WTF?? You cannot be serious and you implied Bias and exaggeration from me...
Minato is a SUPER Tobirama!

Minato's hiraishin is way better then his as well as two more level more then he has as well. His physical speed/reflexes are WAY beyond tobirama's who's is no better then hahsirama's, who's is no better then madara's, who could not even compete against V1 raikage at all when Minato easily was able to react MANY times and physically move shis arms legs and body many times in the INSTANT it takes V2 raikage to move oNLY a couple feet...

And yet everything Minato does, tobirama does better, LMFAO! the only thing tobirama cna do better is create jutsu, that is it. Tobirama is the most overrated character thus far. Proven by him being taken out by 20 fodder shinobi with no Kin or Gin either.

I don't know what else to tell you, but the manga up to now has given us zero indication that Minato is in the same league as Tobirama, Madara or Harashima. Most of things you've said up to now are made-up scenarios.
LAMO, I hope you are not serious... I understand the argument for madara and hashirama Vs mInato, but tobirama is nothing compared to mInato. Again, MInato did not die against 20 fodder shinobi lol...

Harashima's BROTHER invented the Flying Thunder God Technique, the argument that Harashima would have no way to counter it isn't believable.
WHat you believe<<what the manga shows. Hashirama does not have the speed/reflexes to compete against FTG of mInato's level which is way beyond what tobirama can do with it.
HOW does hashirama defend himself much less hit mInato? Explain because you are just making excuses saying that hashirama should be bale to counter hiraishin just because tobirama invented it, which makes no sense.

Plus the thunder god technique suffers from the severe bottle neck that Minato has to tag the people or things he wants to teleport with. I'm guessing in a proper fight Harashima would:
Your kidding right. mInaot can use Kunai for level two so he doe snot have to directly tag hashirama, level 3 time space barrier to draw in hashirama for reverse summoing, ect.

a. Just stop Minato from putting tags anywhere
HOW? minato has so many tags he can place coupled with tags he has placed all over the fire country as well as other countries he placed during other battle due to the seals never going away... not to metnion EVERYTHING he touches he can tag including the mokuton hashirama throws at him or bushin... Basically what you are suggesting is IMPOSSIBLE!

b. Be smart enough to locate where the tags are set, so he could predict where Minato "jumps" next.
hashirama does not have a BG to see in all direction at far distances and a SG to track each kunai where it goes so that is also IMPOSSIBLE!!! You are not being very realistic...

c. wood clones, wood clones everywhere. Instead of dodging minato he would simply let his clones get tagged while he counter attacked.
You do realize the time it takes hashirama to form the hand seal to create the clones mInato can already throw a Kunai right to hashirama and FTG right o him for an attack coupled with minato's ability to track the real hashirama with hi sensing ability by touching the ground or using kage bushin's to overwhelm even the clones...

ANd since wood clones are>>the original, they are not going to be much of a challenge...

No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
And if You cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to Defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at WILL...


People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
Those Boundaries are what they tend to accept as "Reality".....
However..... Knowledge and Perception are both ambiguous....
so "Reality" could be nothing more....
then an illusion....

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