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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

KYF if you want to start this shit up again here, it damn well better stay here.

Hashirama wins. Base Minato is plain and simply incapable of damaging Hashirama enough to offset his healing factor (which is, according to Madara, on par with if not superior to Tsunade's ultimate technique shit). Hashirama has total control over the environment of battle between earth, water, and wood elements, making prepared tags nearly worthless. Hashirama, as a veteran of war, the "god of shinobi," and brother of the inventor of the hiraishin, would figure out to cover his back from Minato's attacks the same damn way Obito did to Tobirama. Regardless of whether Minato has tagged him by such point, Minato cannot accomplish anything after that. Combined with Hashirama's various insane techniques (the flower, the chakra-draining dragon, the eternal darkness genjutsu, sage mode and the holy fucking massive ass ten-thousand hands thing), Minato lacks both the necessary offense to actually harm Hashirama and a defense capable of stopping Hashi from owning him. Minato is also simply not capable of winning a war of attrition against Hashirama given that his chakra is no less than on par with goddamn Kurama by his own admission. Minato's teleportation is simply not ever enough to beat Hashirama. It's like if Kakashi fought Hashi. He just does not exceed what Hashirama can survive defensively, and he doesn't have a defense good enough to survive Hashirama's onslaught. Eventually Minato will plain and simply run out of tags (hashi can effectively remove them by using wood element to trap the tags, making them suicide for Minato to jump to) if he hasn't been hit by the sleepy time flower already, which is an insta-lose condition.
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