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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

Originally Posted by MrBIG View Post
You just assumed your link was a better translation then mine? Unless you know Japanese, I don't know how you can claim such a thing.
Your link did not work while mine did so yea... lol...

Oroshimaru's edo tensai got better cause he didn't have Harashima's cells back then so he had to halve the kages strength so he would be able to control them. Oro's edo tensai got stronger cause he took over a spore clones body.
How does having hashirama's cells increase the ET jutsu perfection? Makes no sense! The only thing hashirama's cells did for Oro was to help control the edo's better without having the control Kunai in them.
The fact that ET could not of been perfected even further while his jutsu was in the death god shoul dmake it obvious which translation is more accurate...

Their healing abilities isn't automatic, they can control it.

If Tsunade or Harashima WANTED to kill themselves with a Kunai they would simply woudn't bother recovering after the fact.
Wrong, tsunade's healing was without hand seals, thus automatic and hashirama;s was said to be the same thus his is automatic too so clearly his level of regeneration is nothing compared to tsunade if he can die by a simple Kunai...

Madara stated that it was the same technique. Thats proof. You on the other hand have yet to provide any proof stating Harashima DIDNT have tsunade's healing abilities.
NO, madara stated tsunade's healing without hands seals is exactly the same thing hashirama has, healing without hand seals. No comment about the levle of hashirama's helaing ability compared to tsunade's, but the fact a Kunai can kill is the best proof of all that his is nothing compared to tsunade's...

Asking for proof by statement acting like you are right from the lack of a statement is an argument from silence fallacy so lets not go there.

The fact that hashirama can be killed by a Kunai is evidence enough of his level of healing compared to tsunade's who cannot be killed by a susanoo sword through the gut.

These aren't useless panels, Kishi is using these characters to provide readers insights on information he hasn't directly represented.
In this case, it was knowledge that Harashima was so strong that it is commonly thought to be things out of a fairy tale.
The fact it came from kabuto who dared state madara<hashirama even after admitting he did not know what madara was actually capable of in his prime therefore must be lacing in credibility to make such a statement.

To claim that Kabuto isn't a credible source, is the same as saying Kishi himself isn't a credible source. It's his character and I doubt he has any motivation to intentionally mislead the readers on Hiroshima's strength.
Your confusing kishi from character dialogue... Kabuto clearly said what he said which made no sense therefore he is not a credible source to draw form on such a thing.
ANd the fact that hype<<<FEATS makes using hype pretty much useless anyways.

I can't even. Are we reading the same manga?
Apparently not when you think tobirama does everything minato does, but better LMAO...
How does madara or hashirama even hit Obito while avoiding his time space transfer to another dimension? They cannot hit obito just trying on huge scale attacks nor avoid his kamui dimension transfer with such low level speed too. You have ot be more realistic based on current feats of each character...

tobi suffers from the fact that he can't hit his opponent without solidifying first. That's enough information to provide an opponent the ability to come up with a counter-attack.
LMAO, but it took Minato using his hiraishin level 2 speed and levle 1 jutsu to hit Obito using that same method therefore no way in hell it would work for hashirama or madara with their lack of speed.

theres more to a fight than techniques. Strategy is involved, You're making a mistake on making this a debate about "strength vs speed". Fights are much more complex than that. A light weight boxer would be much faster than a heavy weight one, the light weight boxer however probably wouldn't stand a real chance chance.
But if the heavy weight could fall to a single punch of the light wight boxer (like hashirama cna to one kunai blitz) then it would work...
And I am well aware that strategy fits into all this too and I know that mInato>hashirama in intelligence so how does Minato lose out to strategy vs hahsirama?

Proof to back up these claims? "that minato's flying thunder god technique is superior to Tobirama's?"
: Minato can teleport more then 1 thing at a time while tobirama can only do one.
Minato can teleport an entire army vs one thing for tobirama.
: Minato can teleport things/peopel away through indirect contact as shown by touching gamabunta, who was touching the Kyuubi, who was touching his bijuudama and was able to teleport away Only the Kyuubi and his bijuudama, not gamabunta as well.
: Minato can teleport to a MOVING seal for hirahsin level 2.
: minato can create a time space barrier to teleport things without even placing a seal on them

LMAO, what more do you need. You clealry are super bias for tobirama to make such a claim as tobirama's hiraishin=Minato's despite the mountain of evidence that proves otherwise...

Anyways, like I said the flying thunder god technique suffers from a severe bottleneck when it comes to the user.

Yes, Minato can throw kunai's and FTG to them, but what makes you believe the first Hokage can't dodge them??
Bottleneck?? WTF... And minato threw a Kunai to the fucking sea from the current battle field in like 2 seconds which means his Kunai throwing speed is crazy and yet you want to know why hashirama with his much slower speed to mInato's will not dodge... WTF!!!
Shown here:[IMG][/IMG]

In fact what makes you believe the first has to be standing still to perform hand seals? he could easily dodge as he's preparing his jutsu.

Secondly, the first has the great advantage when it comes to his wood release. He can change the terrain and "fighting arena" at his will.
1). you keep giving this scenario where much slower hashirama is able to dodge something so fast even the raikage in V2 supermode could not even so there is no way in the world hashirama could.

2). The battle field changing ability means nothing when hashirama cannot hit MInato due to his speed/reflexes coupled with hiraishin.

"Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees"

The first can create a large forest of trees that he can directly control. So Minato's Kunais won't be able to reach him, plus the areas that Minato "tags" could easily be moved by Hashimara's forest.

His flowering trees technique would be enough to end the fight without the First even having to lay a finger on minato.
Hashirama can cover thrown Kunais as markers, but can do nothing about level 2 hirashin throwing kunai as well as directly placed seals on the mokuton or time space barrier... giving MInato so many ways to merley touch hashirama which is all it would take to beat him..

And flowering trees could nto even stop the gokage LMAO, so what the hell would it do to mInato who has a time space barrier to draw in all the pollen and send it back at hashirama.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
I got to love KYF's arrogance of stating that one translation is better than the others simply because it helps his case without a single evidence that he actually checked the original Japanese to make sure he was right.

But don't fret, I actually bothered to fetch the raw and translate it.
  • First speech bubble:

Last time, Edo Tensei's completion and accuracy became your enemy.

  • Second speech bubble:

This time, we were brought back to this world in a state close to our original strength...

So, once again, mangastream's translation turns out to be the less accurate one. Hopefully, KYF will accept the truth instead of hiding behind the "derp, ur translations r biased, derp!" card.
Yea, another shitty, bias translation from Numious... Your translations are just terrible Numious, try using shitty translation skills to support arguments.

LOL, there is a reason you do not translate any of the chapters for us numious and this is why. Your translations are shit!!!

No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
And if You cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to Defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at WILL...


People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
Those Boundaries are what they tend to accept as "Reality".....
However..... Knowledge and Perception are both ambiguous....
so "Reality" could be nothing more....
then an illusion....


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