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Re: Naruto 644 For Real Ya'll

@ Kyf if Tsunades healing factor is automatic what happened to her during the Pain invasion. just because she and hashi dont use seals doesnt mena the healing ffactor cant be triggered mentaly.. remember all those seals required to activate a Byakugan.. well we know Neji and Hinata got beyond that and could trigger it mentally. so if a Kunai was used against them and the refused to activate the healing they would die

Hashi wood clones make him an ultimate sensor. Remember when Yamato tracked Sasori using the clone.. and dont forget Zetsu who is made from Hashi uses the same principal so there is no way Minato can sneak up on him

The Flowering world did take out the kage.. but Oonoki used jinton to blow it away. Minato's only defence is to use FTG to warp away.. but he would have to return.. but return to a trap wheere the terrain had been altered or he warps back to a marking that had been swallowed by a tree.. this would either kill minato or at the least cause him to be trapped in the wood

Please give up this Futile fight.. sure Minato has some great abilities but how the fuck can he stand up to somoen who has chakra the size of both Kuramas Naruto and Minato..

even if you dont want to conceed just keep quiet aboutit .. we all know how you feel about Minato
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